Thursday, September 15, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - 12 Steps To Mr. Right by Cindi Madsen!


12 steps to finding Mr. Right, composed by dating coach extraordinaire Savannah Gamble

1: Admit to being powerless over your attraction to the wrong type of guy. (Like Lincoln Wells, who broke your heart after an unforgettable one-night stand.)
2: Believe Mr. Right is out there.
3: Take inventory of past mistakes. (See step #1.)
4: Make a list of qualities you want in a man. (Avoid charming baseball players/reason you made these rules in the first place)
5: Take charge of your own life.
6: Learn to love yourself.
7: Sort the hookup guys from the relationship guys. (Avoid a painful brushoff after an amazing night together.)
8: Never, ever settle. (Even if the chemistry is off-the-charts.)
9: Don’t believe you can change a guy. (Once a commitment-phobe, always a commitment-phobe)
10: Communicate your needs.
11: Open your heart & love fully. (Still working on this one…)
12: Don’t ever, ever stray from the steps.


Fabulously fun and super sweet, this book made me giggle, sigh, and fall in love! 12 Steps To Mr. Right is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Seriously, this book was such a good time. I loved the characters. They are interesting and charming, and oh so entertaining. 

I love a romance that makes me sigh out loud and crush on it long after I read it, and this book definitely did that for me. I fell in love with the cover but the synopsis just hooked me. And when I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Heck I did not want to either. Its romance at its finest. Fun, sweet, sexy, and and outrageous good time, readers will be very pleased with this book.

12 Steps To Mr. Right gets a DELIGHTFUL AND FLIRTY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! readers will be talking about this romance for weeks, no doubt about it. 

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