Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ARC Review - A Wolf's Deception by TL Reeve!


At twenty, Graham Truesdale found the love of his life. He would do anything for her…until the night she died. With a broken heart and death lurking in the shadows, he leaves Los Lobos with his family, fully expecting his life to end. 

In one horrific night, Elle St. Claire’s life changes forever. Fleeing pack lands, she leaves behind everything she’s ever known. And once she hops a bus to North Carolina, she can never return. 

Ten years later, the matrons decide true love needs a kick in the pants. It’s time to bring Elle St. Claire home. A single phone call changes Elle’s life once again. And though deception isn’t really her game, her life on the East Coast along with her dual nature have given her more than a few secrets to bare. 

Pulling strings as they do, the matrons push the destined mates together, and Elle must find a way to combine her new life with the past. Can the she create a future with her one true love, or have the matrons yanked so many strings that everything has become a tangled mess? 


Yet again I am impressed with TL Reeve. She put out another great book in the Black Hills Wolves series. This one had my emotions pretty high. I cried for our hero who thought he lost his mate forever just to have him find out later that she lives. Even though things seem so lost and broken, I loved how some of the meddling patrons of the town come together to put things to right. 

This story is one of those that will surprise you and leave you with such a great impression of not only the story, but of the author and series. I have always enjoyed Miss Reeve's Black Hills Wolves series. Each one gets better and just more pleasurable then the last. I found myself sighing and on the edge with A Wolf's Deception and I am very happy to say, this one touched me. I love the main characters as well as some of our beloved secondary characters. 

A Wolf's Deception gets a SIZZLING AND SWEET FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its breathtaking, its sexy, and will both melt your heart and touch your soul. FANTASTIC! Please keep them coming Miss Reeve...I WANT MORE!

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