Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review - Seductions (Alpha City 4) by Bryce Evans!


Sage Wingate is fighting for control in her chaotic life. A bad-ass Bear Shifter intent on mating her, a deadly war with a powerful witch, and Sage’s overwhelming need to get revenge for her own past hurts, all bringing her to brink of madness. 

Brody King is an Alpha in the truest sense. His need to protect his pack and his loved ones is only over shadowed by his desire for the pretty witch running for her life. She may have doubts about her destiny, but his nose knows best, and he’s going to pursue her with everything he has. 

The war only grows more deadly as shifters are pushed to their brink. Will Brody and Sage stay focused and alive, or will they get lost in the seductions of the mating lust. Only time will tell…


I swear, I thought Judd was my favorite hero in Bryce Evans Alpha City series, but he was thrown out of the spot by Brody King! This Alpha was such a sweet teddy bear. Kind, caring, thoughtful, sweet, and sexy as sin, he stole my heart and the way he was with Sage from the moment he met her to the very end, just melted me even more. I WANT this Alpha as my own. 

Other than the sexy Alpha and his sweet seduction of Sage, this story had me in tears and yet had me sighing with the love and passion found between Sage and Brody. The fact that this story had so much danger and action just added more appeal to the romance. I already want to reread Seductions and I just finished it! Bryce Evans has won me over with Her Alpha City Series and I am looking forward to seeing what is coming next.

Seductions gets a HEART-POUNDING, SWEET AS PIE, SEXY AS SIN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This story will have you crying, begging for more, and on the edge. PHENOMENAL BOOK!

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