Friday, September 9, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review of Game On by Sheryl Nantus!



After a relationship turns sour in the worst way possible, Angela Kenzie flees to her childhood home leaving her job and cheating ex behind her.

Content to spend time at home licking her wounds and eating comfort food she unexpectedly runs into her college ex-boyfriend who happens to be the town police chief. Even more shocking is her high school ex-boyfriend is now the coach of the local college basketball team.

Drawn to both powerfully sexy men, Angela doesn't want to have to make a choice: the cop or the coach. They spark a desire in her that she thought was long gone. They both want her body and soul, is she brave enough to surrender to two men?


So normally I ADORE menage romances..but this one was honestly, a lot disappointing. It lacked spark and chemistry and just the plot fell a little flat for me. I don't usually write negative reviews because its not often I find a romance book that didn't appeal to me. But this one really didn't sit well for me and it saddened me.

The characters to me, weren't as interesting as the blurb made them sound. And the blurb kind of confused me, and I ended up having to have read it twice for it to have made sense. I still had hope though, but the story just was very...blah. If this was ever edited real well, and the story re-written, and things change, I bet this story could be OUTSTANDING.

I give Game On a TWO STARS! It lacks emotions and spark and a whole lot of chemistry. And this title had SO much potential too.

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