Saturday, April 22, 2017

ARC Review - Her Relentless SEAL!


Small-town girl Evie Avery’s dream vacation has become her worst nightmare. Now she's on the run in a foreign country, and has no idea why.
Navy SEAL, Aiden O’Malley, had his reasons for turning his back on Evie all those months ago, but he hasn’t been able to get her out of his mind. She changed him, for better or worse. When he finds out she's missing, long-pent-up feelings come roaring to life, and he will stop at nothing to bring her home.
Evie finds herself face-to-face with a man she vowed to forget. The flame she thought had burned out months ago suddenly ignites. Storming back to Tennessee, she is mad as hell when he follows her. Worse, she finds that the terror she’d experienced abroad, is still stalking her. Aiden hounds Evie’s every step as he tries to keep her alive, but she doesn’t care, it’s not his protection she wants. If she can’t have his heart, she wants him gone. As the enemy closes in, Aiden wonders if there enough of his battered soul to give to a woman who deserves the world.


Aiden O' Malley is most assuredly the BEST SEAL, protector, sweetheart, lover of ALL time in this series! I thought Drake was protective and caring and wonderful, but nope, Aiden beat him by a landslide! 

Her Relentless SEAL had mind-blowing danger, great banter, sweet sweet romance, HOT-SIZZLING sex, and loads of action! This is heart-pounding, bite-your-lip, leave-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of AWESOME. Every chapter left my heart pumping wildly, or falling over in a swoon. Caitlyn O' Leary just does it for me every time with her books. I can't get enough of her SEALS or her amazingly lovable characters and unbelievably amazing plots. 

Miss O' Leary gives me chills with how good her books are. I love each and every hero and every time I think the next one just can't beat the last one, I am proven wrong...and I can't say that I am disappointed with that. I LOVE...and I do mean LOOOOOOOOOVE the way she writes her books! Honestly I hope she keeps writing books for a VERY VERY long time! Make sure to RUN...and NOW to get Her Relentless SEAL because its the PERFECT Romantic Suspense! I give this a SWOON WORTHY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Heck..lets give it a TEN! 

Her Relentless SEAL Releases 4/25/17!!!!

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