Monday, April 10, 2017

ARC Review - Sweet Caroline by Silke Ming!


Trying to get over a broken heart, Simon Hyatt, artist/painter walks into the upscale bar, Benny’s, hoping to find a one-night stand. When the gorgeous Caroline Brandeis walks in, there is an immediate connection, but she is with her bi-sexual roommate, the renowned architect Christopher Banning. Hoping that Simon would show interest in him, Christopher invites him to their home, but Simon’s sole interest is Caroline. Simon is adventurous and teaches her what absolute fulfillment in the bedroom means. Christopher also has his eyes on her, and is jealous of their relationship. When she receives a promotion from cop to detective, her first assignment puts Caroline and Simon’s relationship in jeopardy. Although she considers the situation abnormal, when she suddenly finds herself in love with the two men who love and worship her, she knows there will be no turning back. But will their love stand test of time?


OH BABY, what a seriously sexy, erotic romance from Silke Ming! Sweet Caroline might be my favorite to date too. I loved this story even more than I did with Miss Ming's previous titles and I can't quite put my finger on why. There was just something...more about it that just called to me. I really liked the characters. They seemed well developed and almost realistic while the storyline was hard to resist. I loved that our heroine here was a cop while one man was an architect and the other an artist. I like the push and pull and the slight drama that transpired while they all get a footing in their unique relationship. 

There was plenty of up and downs as well as some scorching scenes that I come to know and love in a story from Miss Ming! Silke knows how to write a story that enraptures me right away and with Sweet Caroline, she did it ten fold! I can't wait to see what comes next!

Sweet Caroline gets a SCORCHING HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! A sexy cop, two heart stopping good looking men and a erotic dance that will sure to make you squirm in a VERY good way.

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