Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ARC Review - Saturday: Light, Full-Bodied, and Screwed by Fifi Flowers!


Novella - Standalone - 6-Book Series

There should be rules in place when beautiful women sit at counters where chefs are trying to create dishes that are edible or maybe they should be restricted altogether... I'm not sure, I just know her speech about wines had me think of her as Light, Full Bodied & Screwed.... yes, where she was concerned I was screwed... meet Darla!


Oh my goodness, just when I think I know what to expect in the next Cafelicious novella, Miss Flowers throws a loop! It was AWESOME to see things through our main character, Vin, especially when we got glimpses of him throughout the series. I was enraptured through the story and it was so fascinating and unique to get a, realistic look inside a mans head as he falls in love. 

From the very first novella, I have been utterly HOOKED on this series! Each one is different and unique and special in its own way, and I ADORE the fact that they all are addicting to read. But Saturday felt even more special. It was a completely fantastic read, especially as I felt like I wasn't just seeing through a mans eyes, but I WAS the man. It was hard not to be perked up by that. It made for such a great reading experience and quite honestly I am VERY impressed! 

Fifi Flowers did a great job with Saturday: Light, Full-Bodied, and Screwed! I loved Vin, I loved the way we got to experience the cooking through him as well as see things and do things through a mans perspective. It was incredible and VERY well written. I give this a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! If you want a completely different read and want to experience love and lust through a will ADORE Saturday! 

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