Friday, April 7, 2017

Review - Innuendos by V.Kelly!


She wants him to squeeze her melons . . .
He wants her to hold his wood . . .
Max is the sole reason Breezy can’t keep a boyfriend. Every boyfriend she has ever had breaks up with her the moment they meet him. It’s not because of his eight-pack, or his panty shredding smile. No, the reason Breezy remains single is because Max is her best friend and roommate.
When Breezy’s new boyfriend dumps her after meeting Max for the first time, Breezy is determined to cure her boyfriend woes by challenging Max to a bet: she can’t click her mouse, he can’t wrestle his snake, and neither one can say the word sex or they lose. 
It was a simple game of abstinence, until Max decides to tempt Breezy into a hilarious game of innuendos. Now, the only thing harder than Max’s “wood”, is figuring out just where their friendship lies after all bets are off. 
One thing’s for certain . . . 
All’s fair in sex, love, and innuendos.


The moment I started Innuendos by V. Kelly, I could not put it down! Sweet, sexy with just the perfect amount of heart, this story had me giggling uncontrollably and loving that sexy man, Max! Max and Breezy made my heart happy. They had a few moments that made me want to cry and scream, but there were some moments that just about bowled me over with laughter. V. Kelly writes a romance that is downright entertaining and full of sizzling, dreamy chemistry.

I freaking Max and Breezy's story! I found myself drowning in their story and I loved every minute of their banter, their sometimes, crude innuendos and I SO ENJOYED watching the sparks fly and the romance soar between these two. OMG I could easily get lost in this book a second time!

Innuendos gets a SEXY, SWEET, AND IRRESISTIBLE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! If you like romantic comedies that can make you laugh out loud and have the right amount of heart, Innuendos is PERFECT for you.

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