Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bronx's Wounded Wolf (Mystic Wolves 4) by Elle Boon!


A WOUNDED WOLF…A FIERCE PROTECTOR…AN UNSHAKABLE BOND…Will Bronx and Taya be able to create that mystical bond without her inner wolf, or will their love be enough?

A WOUNDED WOLF… Having suffered at the hands of a rogue pack, Taya’s wolf retreat’s deep inside her. She learns to rely on her humanity as she seeks sanctuary from the pack she’d been taken from as a child.

A FIERCE PROTECTOR…Bronx feels an instant connection to Taya the moment he set eyes on her, even though he couldn’t sense her wolf. Her pain and wariness stop him from claiming her right then and there, keeping him and his wolf on edge.

AN UNSHAKEABLE BOND…Neither Taya nor Bronx can deny their feelings for one another, and as the weeks go by, they both give into their desires. Bronx’s wolf is ready to claim Taya, wolf or not. Taya misses her wolf, but when her past catches up to them, she’ll need more than her humanity and Bronx to save her. They’ll need the strength of the pack and help from the Fey if they hope to come out of the battle alive and whole. 


OH MY GOODNESS, ELLE BOON HAS DONE IT AGAIN PEOPLE, SHE WROTE ANOTHER EPIC STORY, THIS TIME IN HER MYSTIC WOLVES SERIES! WOW, I am BOWING down to Miss Boon! Bronx won my heart over and has me seriously lusting after him while Taya made my heart cry and make me want to hug her, befriend her, and show her how incredibly proud of her I am after what she went through. She is probably one of the strongest and kindest and incredible heroines in this series or The Iron Wolves series, I swear!

Speaking of, the absolute BEST part of this book is that we get so many great characters from the Iron Wolves that show up and  a few god, some of this stuff I did NOT see coming! Bronx's Wounded Wolf had my full attention right from the start. Not that I expected anything less from Miss Boon, because lets face it, her stories have always captured my attention and leave me hypnotized! Bronx I felt was even more special though. Had much more of my emotions involved but hot damn, it did NOT lack in heat. I freaking maybe CHERISHED the sex in this particular Mystic Wolves. I always loved the sex scenes, but the ones we get in this story, blew my mind and stole my heart. 

Bronx's Wounded Wolf gets a MIND BLOWING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! There is plenty of heat, some serious moments that will bring tears to your eyes, some outrageous ones and will just keep you glued to your ereader, plain and simple. An absolute MUST HAVE book!

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