Thursday, December 10, 2015

ARC Review - Jett's Wild Wolf by Elle Boon


A WILD WOLF…Taryn yearned for the freedom to find a place where she belonged. A place where she was loved and could love without fear. The first time she saw Jett, her heart and mind knew he was the one for her. 

A SEXY AS SIN SHIFTER…Jett nearly lost his place in the Mystic Wolves because of one wild wolf. Now, she’s saved his life, and his wolf wants her for their own. Can he trust her not to betray them all? 

A BOND THEY COULDN’T DENY…Taryn and Jett fight the attraction they’ve felt simmering between them, until danger almost takes what is most precious away… an unyielding love they’d never thought they deserved to have. 


Another delicious, fast-paced, sexy-as-all-get-out book in Elle Boon's CRAZY ADDICTIVE Mystic Wolves series! I think Jett is my number 1 so far in this series! I loved how bad-ass yet incredibly protective and sweet he was with Tayrn. And Taryn was one hell of a strong woman. After suffering from some terrible abuse, she still shows a lot of strength. Her powers are remarkable and her kindness toward others is breathtaking. Now that Jett finally caught his wild wolf, he claims her in every wicked and delicious way as possible. 

 The connection between these two is wicked strong. From the undeniable attraction, to the protective urges both had for one another. Jett's Wild Wolf was full of action, danger, sexy wolf shifters, magic, and all sorts of HOT sex! To say this book is awesome would seriously be putting it mildly! Now to say this book is fun and completely outstanding might be getting closer to how I feel about this book. I was totally focused on this book and this book alone from the moment I started reading. Elle Boon always captures my attention with her characters, storylines, plots, and steamy romances. She knows how to write a kick-ass story! 

Now toward the end of the story, we get a few surprises that threw me, but dang, in a very awesome way. I am officially DYING for the next book! Jett's Wild Wolf gets a SERIOUSLY SEXY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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