Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ARC Review - Tonight Only by Alyse Zaftig!


One night.
No regrets.
No repeats.
"We said one night only. Too bad I'm a rule breaker."
Before I left for the military, I spent one night with Catherine Jackson.
That was supposed to be the end... But what if I want it to be the beginning?
"I never should have slept with Kyle Richards. He's ruined every other man for me..."
I'm trying hard to move on. New job, new fiancé.
But will any of it last when Kyle comes back into my life?
**One Night Only is a full-length bad boy military romance with a guaranteed happy ending!**


Alyse Zaftig happens to be a new-to-me author. And her book Tonight Only also happens to be the first book I read in the BWWM genre. Tonight Only was indeed, a wickedly entertaining and sexy romance! The characters are fun, sexy, and definitely interesting while the story is yummy in ALL the right places! The sex is something else that was beyond good. Hot, sensual, and sometimes sweet, the sex had me  squirming and turned on. Heck, if my husband wasn't sick, I would of been ALL over him because the sex was THAT good and I definitely could of used some relief. 

Recently I have gotten into military romance because I well, love a hero. And Kyle was definitely a sex-on-a-stick hero with a charming and irresistible personality. Catherine is a beautiful curvy black woman with spirit, sass, and a fun personality of her own. These two click in the best way and everything they did together was HOT! I will definitely be checking out more books in the BWWM genre thanks to Alyse Zaftig.

Tonight Only gets an OUTSTANDING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Alyse Zaftig is an author to look out for. She writes a beautiful sensual story that is both H-O-T and sweet as hell! A MUST READ BOOK.

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