Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Him & Her (A Game Served Spicy Book 1) by Shelby Mitchell!


Sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen to a guy. When a hot, sexy gamer geek obsessed with winning meets his match in a sassy, take no crap ‘cook’, sparks fly and a game served spicy begins. 

Micah James is tall, excessively handsome, a brilliant success as a top video game programmer and a jerk of the first order. Used to flashing a smile and a wink to get whatever he wants, Micah knows what he wants right now and it’s for the local supermarket deli ‘cook’ to be his personal chef. What he’s not ready for is the battle of wills he’ll soon engage in when he meets his match in Nori Blackmon. 

Nori Blackmon is sassy, curvy and determined to make a success of her life, not matter the cost or sacrifice. She has little time for the spoiled, good looking frat boy demanding she drop everything to come work for him as his personal chef. His arrogance knows no bounds and his inability to take no for an answer rubs her the absolute wrong way. 

When their worlds collide, neither is ready for the perfect and powerful chemistry that exists between them or that a love like this can form between two people with such different lives and dreams. 


Talk about a fun, delicious, chuckling good time! Him & Her is a great book with lots to love about it! A sexy, maybe  slightly arrogant man who thinks its his way or no way. And a sexy, curvy, beautiful woman who has attitude, spirit, and who has no problems letting mister sexy know that he is not always going to get his way. I found myself giggling through some of the antics both Nori and Micah went through. I also may have needed a fan and some ice water too! 

This book was written to perfection! Fun, flirty, sexy, outrageous, and the banter was just AWESOME! I couldn't believe I haven't found this book sooner! 
The sex was unbelievably H-O-T. The sexual tension was so high and thick as both characters had strong and sassy attitudes, that its no wonder once they got in bed together things would be steamy. 

Him & Her gets a SPICY AND FLIRTY FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its the kind of romance that has a bit of comedy, lots of HOT sex, and amazingly fun characters! I can't wait to get my hands on book 2. 

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