Friday, December 11, 2015

ARC Review - Rite Of Spring by Gen Gericault


The Afters Brothers Are Cursed 

Grizzly bear shifter Houston Afters’ every waking moment serves as a reminder that time ticks against him. Alpha of his sleuth, Houston rages against the dark magic that forces him into seasonal hibernations. With only three days before the summer solstice, Houston knows there is only one way to survive his final spring: he must find and claim his true mate. 

Seasoned hiker Hope Hemmington never imagined her venture up the Appalachian Trail would lead her into the world of the paranormal. At the mid-way point in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia where two great rivers converge, Hope learns to trust her instincts and the tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome man who is intent on protecting her from the shadowy figure that stalked her on the Trail. 

As the solstice looms over Ever Afters Farm and Orchards, Houston and Hope must come together to face the unfolding mystery surrounding the Afters sleuth. 


I have to confess that for the first couple of chapters in the book, I thought things were a bit slow, but I am happy to say things did pick up and get downright interesting after chapter 2. I really liked Hope and Houston. Houston is a sexy bear shifter who happens to find his mate, hiking up Appalachian Trail. He protects her from the shadow that is intent on doing her harm. Sparks fly hard and fast with these two and the sexual tension was HIGH! The story is chalk full of awesome with paranormal twists and magic around every corner. 

This is a interesting and sexy paranormal delight! Once we get past the first couple of chapters, things pick up and soon the world Hope finds herself entering is both magical and amazing. Houston made one hell of a great hero and I am interested to see where else this series will take us in future books.

Rite Of Spring got a SPLENDID FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Its full of surprises, mystery, hot sex, and fantastic characters. 

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