Friday, December 4, 2015

ARC Review - A McCarthy Christmas (Moonlight Shifters 7) by Morgan Fox!


Jonah McCarthy loves his mate Brie. But sharing her with his brother Sebastian weighs too heavily on his heart. He can no longer stand by and pretend he's happy as he watches from the shadows as Sebastian’s life with their mate flourishes. Something has to change and leaving the only woman he's ever loved is the only solution that makes sense.  
Brie’s heart is shattered when her marriage to Jonah is threatened. Loving her mates made her whole and she’ll do anything to remind them of the bond they had forged together. Desperate, she calls upon the assistance of the pack.
Jonah struggles to find his way, but when Brie and Sebastian’s daughter, Kayla goes missing, he is consumed with the need to find her. When the snow begins to fall and the Christmas season lingers in the air, Jonah is forced to face the demons that have clouded his mind and the selfish desires that have crippled his heart.


It was nice to get back in to the Moonlight Shifter stories, especially with my favorite trio: Sebastian, Jonah, and Brie. But I was also sad to see Jonah so...depressed and down. Yet, at the same time to see Brie, the pack, and Sebastian, come together to try to help Jonah, as he helped others, was a pretty nice thing to see. I honestly felt for him and wanted the sweet, teasing, strong Jonah back. It took him looking for Brie and Sebastian's daughter to finally realize he had everything he wanted right in front of him, he just was to blind to see it. 

This story was beautiful, sad at first, but ended with the BEST holiday present Jonah could of ever asked for! After reading A McCarthy Christmas, I now remember how much these stories bring joy and pleasure to readers. I love their world and miss them so much. I hope to see some more books in this series. I loved watching Brie and Sebastian together as much as I loved watching Brie fight for her and Jonah and for their love. Even though this book wasn't full of cheer and happiness, I was more than happy with it, because we got to see what problems can come between a triad relationship. In the end, everything not only worked themselves out, but became even more magical.

A McCarthy Christmas gets a WONDERFUL FOUR SHOOTING STARS! To see my favorite characters together again for the holidays, is the BEST holiday gift EVER!

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