Thursday, December 17, 2015

ARC - A Taste of Honeybear Wine by Jacqueline Sweet with Eva Wilder!


When he broke into her house, he never expected to meet his mate. 
When Alison Meadows inherits an old farmhouse, it's the perfect opportunity to put her bad breakup behind her and start anew. The house is hers, free and clear. There's just one catch: she has to find a mysterious lockbox amongst the mountains of junk her grandfather hoarded. 

Michael Morrissey is a bear shifter with a big heart, a sexy shrug, and a clothing-optional lifestyle. The night he breaks into an old house looking for lost family treasure? That's when he comes face to face with his mate. She's beautiful and sassy and curvy in all the right places. 

When a raven steals the lockbox they both want, Alison and Michael are in trouble. Now they'll have to enter Bearfield's dark shadow world, outsmart a trickster, and steal back the treasure they both need from an evil shifter. Can they keep their heat in check long enough to get the job done? 


I freaking laughed...HARD with this book! I also had to have a fan because things were freaking HOTTER then I anticipated. I freaking adored Alison and her spirit and Michael was a real hoot as well as one damn sexy man...hell even his bear was AMAZING!
If your looking for a seriously fun, outrageously sexy, and sinfully delicious paranormal romance that can make you smile and sigh with delight, then your in for a treat with Jacqueline Sweet's A Taste of Honeybear Wine WITH Eva Wilder! There is also a lot of adventure both Alison and Michael go on together as they search for the lockbox. The sexual chemistry doesn't just sizzle, but it sparks and shoots and flames erupt. Lets not forget too, the amazing twists that we get. I loved not knowing what to expect. It kept me on the edge and eagerly wanting more.
A Taste of Honeybear Wine gets a WHOPPING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a reader's delight that will please you and have you melting, and will definitely leave you on the edge of desire. YUM!

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