Thursday, December 17, 2015

ARC Review - Tempting Flame (Raining Chaos 3) by Lynne St. James!


Flame's dying to play Michelle's body instead of his keyboards...

After being separated from Michelle for four months while Raining Chaos finished their tour, he can't wait to spend some time with his hot little teacher. But once they're alone one thing after another causes trouble. Instead of burning up the sheets, Flame finds out Michelle's dealing with more than he knew.

Harassed and stalked...

When the principal of the school where Michelle teaches threatens to let her go because of her relationship with Flame, she doesn't know what to do. The last thing she wants is to walk away from the first man who's warmed her numb heart or the job she loves. But when strange things start to happen, Flame's welcome home doesn't play out like they'd planned.

Will Flame be able to keep Michelle safe and convince her they're meant to spend the rest of their lives together? Find out in book three of the Raining Chaos series as the band returns to New York and take on stalkers, ex-girlfriends and make hearts catch fire.


Oh my, how I MISSED Raining Chaos! I really enjoy how we get a real good look of what it must be like to be with someone from a popular rock-band. I really felt for Michelle too. It had to be hard to not have a full commitment yet from Flame, especially as he is on tour, and constantly wonder if maybe he wants one of the MANY groupies that hang around. But I have to say, Flame had his heart in the right place. He feels EVERYTHING for Michelle, and when he comes back from his tour, the chemistry between them sparks back to life and things are beautiful, tempting, sexy, and maybe a bit scary as their feelings increase. 
This story had one thing after another attacking Flame and Michelle's already rocky relationship: The principal from Michelle's school, seriously wacky stalker, and the dreaded ex-girlfriend that made me wish she was real so I could claw out her eyes, and beat her to a pulp! Yes, Tempting Flame had me on an emotional, nail-biting roller coaster ride! I felt happy, I felt alone, I felt scared, I felt betrayed, back to feeling happy, and so on. It was AWESOME!
Flame and Michelle might be my favorite book couple in this series. I loved the angst, the ups and downs, and how both of them finally came together. I LOOOOOVED THIS BOOK! 
Tempting Flame by Lynne St. James got a WOWING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I loved how my emotions were constantly on the up and down. It kept me on my toes and had me emotionally wrecked, and then somehow, Miss James managed to put me back together again stronger then ever by the end of the story. Truly fantastic! Now....can I have another?

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