Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ARC Review - Shifted Obsessions by C.E. Black!


Bear just can’t catch a break. 

The woman he loves has a secret. A deep secret, that’s making her keep her friends and family at arm's length. But the further she pushes Bear away, the more he wants to help. Sometimes, the acts we feel are selfless, end up being the most selfish acts of all. 

The government is allowing the Alpha Division to take more control over the case, but it feels like the Division is no closer to finding out who’s behind the deaths of both shifters and humans. Between a horrific crime scene, uncooperative prisoners, and a missing body, things are getting out of control. And Bear’s starting to question if he’s cut out for the job. Does he even belong anymore? 

There are more surprises around the corner for the Division. Secrets and lies seem to hit them from every direction. Things not thought possible have become a reality, along with the blow of losing one of their own. 


A devastatingly emotional and sinfully delicious read from C.E. Black! I enjoyed all of the Alpha Division books but Shifted Obsessions had something special. A beauty with an illness and a Bear Shifter with a sexy growl. I actually cried a bit with this story. I was saddened to hear that our feisty heroine had a deadly disease. When Bear learns of it and realizes that is why she pushes everyone away, he becomes more determined to not only help her, but more determined to care and love her. 

The moment Liz and Bear get in the same room together, things heat up fast, and the sexual tension rises. I freaking LOVED Bear's possessiveness toward Liz. I was also pretty freaking amazed with Liz's amazing strength as she deals with her cancer. Heck, I was THRILLED when she was turned into a shifter because I couldn't picture such a strong and vibrant young woman dying from something so horrific as cancer. Bear helped her through everything as was just a perfect mate to her. Helping her through the cancer and then through shifting. He protected her, cared for her, and loved her in a way that any woman with a heartbeat would absolutely ADORE! 

Shifted Obsessions is the BEST book so far in this amazing Alpha Division series. Full of spirit, sizzling sex, and all sorts of feels that will leave you completely content. This got a HEART-POUNDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am eagerly awaiting the next book!

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  1. Marie, you are amazing! Thank you for the fabulous review. I am so pleased that you enjoyed Bear and Liz's story. <3