Sunday, September 3, 2017

ARC Review - Creed's Expectations by J.D. Hollyfield!


Lies, lust, and wickedly intriguing expectations.

A fresh new start for Kasey Bishop leads her to a night she most definitely won’t forget. An inviting, yet indecent proposal that shows her she might not be as innocent as she once seemed.

Deceit, desire, and the hunger for forbidden expectations

She was off limits. That’s what made her the perfect pawn in Creed Monroe’s plan for revenge. Until he got his first taste. 

Explosive chemistry, heat, and an instant connection…these two might exceed each other’s expectations.

When the roguish bad boy is forced to come clean as his vengeful secrets begin to unravel, will Kasey continue to accept Creed’s forbidden expectations? Or will she have a few expectations of her own? 


A super sexy, hard core, bad arse, sinfully wicked SURPRISE Dark romance with a smidgen of humor story from J.D. Hollyfield! I have known Miss Hollyfield's stories in the past to be light, romantic, and humorous. Her take on Dark Romance did NOT have me screaming (thank goodness!) yet you could tell from the wicked sex that it was on the darker side, but there was STILL the humor you come to know and love from her. The characters were fabulous, the storyline edgy and rich and dark and the sex....HOT and DECADENT!

This book completely surprised me because I don't normally get into Dark Romance but if J.D. Hollyfield decides to write more in the future, I would DEFINITELY read them. She totally won me over and I do like the kind of dark romances that contain a hero who has respect...even if a bit rough around the edges. And I feel like we got one with Creed's Expectations.

I give this book a GLORIOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its completely exhilarating!


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