Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ARC Review - Seek by Anne Conley! September 5th


Zack’s always been the funny guy, but with the deterioration of his sight and the loss of his father, the laughter has begun to dry up. Having recently discovered he has a brother due to his father’s infidelity, he’s questioning everything he thought he knew. To top it all off, the epic brush-off from Bonnie Pierce a few months back has Zack feeling less than a man. 

Bonnie thought she’d feel better about herself after giving Zack a taste of his own medicine, but all it did was stoke an old flame, bringing up feelings she probably shouldn’t explore. When she ends up embroiled in his current case, they both realize their pasts are about to set their worlds afire. 
The guest house behind Simon’s home has become her gilded cage, and Bonnie resents her brothers’ overprotectiveness even though they mean well. When Zack stumbles upon her horrific secret, she has no choice but to turn to the man she’s always loved. 
In the end, Zack struggles to be enough of a man to protect the woman he has finally gotten a second chance with, even though he can’t see her. 


Zach is such an impressive, provocative hero. His disability did NOT in any way shape or form take away how AMAZING or SEDUCTIVE he was. He was funny, charming, sexy, and damn, he threw all sorts of heat off. And Bonnie..I LOVED her! She was a fabulous heroine and I enjoyed watching these two together. Their love bloomed beautifully. And the suspense...OMG it was AWESOME!

The mix of romance and suspense was downright  superb. Anne Conley mixes hot romance, heart-thumping action and danger perfectly every time! And Seek...Eeeeep! I found it to be even BETTER! I knew...just KNEW that I would LOOOOVE Seek because Zach has intrigued me and had me liking him for a while. And oh boy, he did NOT disappoint.

Seek gets a IMPECCABLE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Sexy, fun, and and heart-thumping good, this book won me over right from the start to the very end.  

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  1. OMG. Thank you so much for such a fantastic review! I really appreciate the time you take to read/review. You rock!