Monday, September 4, 2017

ARC Review - Heat by Erin McCarthy!


I love women, especially naked, beautiful women. As a bodyguard at the hottest shows in Miami, I’ve scored my fair share. 

But there is only one woman I truly want… Miranda. 

My brother’s ex. 

My brother who faked his own death to escape drug debts and left Miranda grieving and in the dark. 

Now Miranda is back in Miami, stepping down as a pop star’s body double, and looking to make a baby. With me. 

A better man would say no. But I never claimed to be a saint, only better than my brother. 


A very well in-depth, more than I expected contemporary romance that is sexy, saucy with loads of heat, tempers flaring, great banter and a good solid plot!

Erin McCarthy took me away with heat! All around sexy with a good set of characters, this story was easy to get into. I found myself on the edge with the bit of suspense and the romance was delectable. Heat had the perfect amount of temper with our hero and heroine but it made for some seriously delicious heat.

Heat gets a SEXY AND GREAT FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Can't get better than this!

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