Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ARC Review - The Illusions of Eventide by Sarah M. Cradit!


Nicolas Deschanel was betrayed by the only two people who matter to him. Their disloyalty stung and an overwhelming sense of loss lingers. Nicolas has lived the high life professing to not have a care in the world, and now this illusion is calling his bluff.

Determined to take control of an existence now devoid of purpose, he sojourns to his family's holiday home on the Gulf of Mexico. Resolved more than depressed, he plans to privately say goodbye to a world which no longer needs him. Of questionable fortune, he finds a woman, Mercy, sitting alone on the shore at eventide. Nicolas is conflicted between an obligation to help, and annoyance at her intrusion. 

Mercy has many layers of secrets. Deepest of all, she cannot tell this Child of Man she is thousands of years old and very powerful. In her presence, Nicolas' own dormant powers begin to surface, triggering a sequence of events that cause both of their lives to spiral further out of control. When old friends from both sides come to help, together they all learn a painful truth: new life can only begin once you've set free what means the most.


This story is completely different and unique than other books I have read. I am usually a romance fan and even though these stories have a touch of romance its more paranormal fantasy. The writing is pretty good though. The characters are compelling and the story is very interesting and full of surprises.

I liked the plot for this story. It had some ups and downs and twists that keeps you on your toes. I do wish there was more romance but surprisingly enough I enjoyed this book anyway, even without a ton of it. 

The Illusions of Eventide is magical, captures a readers attention and is very well written with originality. I give this a WONDERFUL FOUR SHOOTING STARS! 

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