Thursday, January 12, 2017

ARC Review - S.O.S. Dell by LJ VIckery!


After the most memorable one night stand of his life, Del has been hired to search for the woman who, months earlier, snuck from his hotel room with no goodbye. When he finds her will she run again, or accept his help against a threat to her life?
Brina Capadella knows all about rich, entitled men. Even if Delancourt Songen doesn’t fit the stereotype, can he be trusted? So what if he checks all the boxes on her perfect-male, wish-list. Bri needs to stay as far away from Del as possible.


What can I say about S.O.S. Dell? Well I honestly think it might be hotter, more exciting, more...suspenseful for sure, than with Miss Vickery's Immortal series. I fell in absolute LOVE with this story just from the first couple paragraphs. The heat, the zing, the sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat action, had me biting my nails and anticipating the turn of the pages. 

I wasn't even halfway through with the story, when I already wanted the second one! The secondary characters were just as stunning and intriguing as  the main ones and I can't wait to get their stories too. LJ Vickery always pleases me with her books but this new series has me completely in love and craving the next one like yesterday. I loved this cover and found both the sexy model and the background completely fascinating and I wanted to read the book just from that alone. Yet the moment I started this book, it was nearly impossible for me to put it down. I loved the writing, the characters, the romance, the action and suspense and I couldn't have imagined it getting better. 

S.O.S. Dell gets a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a romantic suspense that will have you on your toes and craving another taste. I am SO excited for the next book!

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