Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Netgalley ARC Review - Claiming Grace by Susan Stoker!


For Logan Anderson, moving on from a traumatic past means moving back to his hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado, to start a personal-security business with his brothers. But it’s not long before Logan runs into Grace Mason, his best friend from high school…and the woman who never answered his letters during his Army years.
Grace was pleasantly surprised to see Logan return to Castle Rock, despite their falling-out ten years ago. Everyone always assumed they would end up together, including Grace, who had eyes only for him. But as Logan eventually escaped their town, Grace got pulled further into her family’s controlling grasp—and farther away from the man she loved.
Now, united by scars both visible and not, the two must fight to free Grace from the suffocating hold of her family. But the Masons won’t let go easily—and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the couple apart.

Claiming Grace is a whole new book in a whole new series by Susan Stoker and will be going in my top MUST HAVE BOOKS of 2017! Claiming Grace is just slightly different than previous books by Miss Stoker. But it still has EVERYTHING I love! Like a great caring hero and the sweet damsel in distress. I freaking LOVED how Ace Security came to be! The fact that we have three brothers who want to help people that need it is just one storyline, that captures my heart every time. Grace and Logan stole my heart and my breath and I could NOT and DID NOT put this book down until I was done, and then I was sad and wanted to read it again IMMEDIATELY! That is one thing I can say about Susan Stoker's books, is she writes the kind of romance with the kind of heroes that have me falling in love right away and have me NEEDING to read the books again and again. 
Her storylines never get old, even when they have the similar  plots. I never thought I would like that either, but Susan Stoker knows what she is doing and makes me crave her books. Claiming Grace is definitely a top read for me and one I HIGHLY recommend. Fans of hers will came crawling and begging for more in this new series! I freaking LOVED it so hard! 
Claiming Grace gets a MUST HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Susan Stoker wins me over AGAIN and I will happily tell anyone who listens that this book must be a MUST READ!

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