Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ARC Review - With Each Breath I Take by Silke Ming!


After their first miserable winter In New Zealand, the men buy a sheep farm and work hard to make it a success, but life throws them a curve. Damien is accosted in a bar, and when Nicholas comes to his defense, the aggressor is accidentally stabbed. Nicholas is imprisoned for two years. 
Alone, Damien fights to keep the farm afloat, and he succeeds. But when Nicholas is released, life in the new country no longer appeals to him, and they make plans to return to Barbados. Back on the island they love, the men purchase a rum-refining company and also an old Jacobean home, which they refurbish, but life still has its ups and downs. 
When an unknown illness almost takes Damien’s life, Nicholas realizes the depth of his love for him. Happily, Damien overcomes his infirmity, and the two men become more prosperous with profits from the rum refinery and enjoy their happily ever after. 


In true Silke Ming fashion, the second installment to Three Degrees East of Bliss was angst filled, tear you up and put back together blissful romance with plenty of romance. I don't read many M/M romances but Silke Ming makes me glad I read these ones. I love how sexy and hot she can make the scenes as well as make the romances seem so real and alive and full of passion and love. 

This book had me biting my lip plenty of times. I didn't know how things were going to work out and I was amazed at the different twists that came about with the storyline. Miss Ming can generally take a book I wouldn't normally like, and actually have me excited about the next one and enjoying the current ones all the time. As a reader, that makes me VERY happy.

With Each Breath I Take I give it a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its will steal your breath and your heart and you definitely go through every emotion through this sequel and love every second of the roller coaster ride. 

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