Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ARC Review - The Tangled Web by Silke Ming!


Kendal Hunter is eking out an existence playing her violin on the street corners of Los Angeles, because she was fired from her job as a waitress while waiting to get into show business.
Noticing her resemblance to his former lover Zoe Flieder, who was accidentally killed two years earlier, the wealthy and domineering Drake Hamilton entices Kendal into his home, where he changes her appearance to emulate Zoe’s. Along the way, he falls in love with Kendal, but she is strong-willed and refuses to bend to his wish that she be a concert violinist instead of a movie star.
After a year of earth-shattering sex, there is a difference of opinion, and Drake becomes abusive. Kendal leaves him, and he is heartbroken. Ten months later, he sees her again and convinces her to return to him. There is more earth-shattering sex in store, and Drake finally gets his wish.
Two years later, Kendal stands on the concert stage to much acclaim as a violinist.


 This book seemed almost a shade...darker than other books by Silke Ming. I loved the slight erotic BDSM feel to it, and our hero, Drake was imposing and sexy and definitely compelling, but I was surprised at how he was so cold some of the times. There were moments when he was actually kind of sweet, but it didn't take long before he turned cold and almost indifferent again.  I liked Kendal a lot though. She has a tough spirit and is strong willed and her take no crap attitude was AWESOME! 
 This story almost reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey just a bit different. Delightfully unique.

This particular romance had me feeling up and down and then up is definitely a much more unique feeling this time around with this particular book than in previous stories. I like how Miss Silke changed it up with this story. Its a bit darker but the sex was...almost hotter thanks to that bit of darkness. I am anxious to see what transpires next and I know Miss Ming will keep me guessing until then. 

The Tangled Web gets a SHOCKINGLY GOOD FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Its hot, its a bit dark, and it will steal your breath.

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