Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review - Popped by V. Kelly!


Everything changes once the cherry has popped . . .

Starting a relationship with a sex contract wasn’t the best way to chase after her happily-ever-after. Symone Esquire realized this the hard way when her contract with the sexy and brooding rocker, Sid “The Cherry Popper” Cooperton ended abruptly, forcing her to choose between her developing feelings for Sid, and the feelings she's always had for her best friend Trevor. 

Sid Cooperton would’ve never agreed to the sex contract if he had known how much it would complicate his life. It didn’t take him long to realize that the nerdy virgin was going to turn his world upside down, but nothing could've prepared him for what happened after their contract ended. Now he's faced with an even bigger problem than falling for the girl who wears Yoda shirts for fun--a problem that is sure to change his life forever.

Both desperate to find themselves and running from the decisions that will alter their futures, Sid and Symone embark on a spontaneous road trip where they continue their lessons, and explore their connection once again.

But even fun road trips have to come to an end, and sometimes running away from your problems only makes them chase after you faster. 


Even better than the Pop! Popped is a bit more angst filled yet sexier then ever! I loved how this story played out from the first book to this one, the characters are outrageous and their chemistry crackled with life and energy and the sizzle..WOW! And the things that popped out of their mouths..hilarious, fun, and smoldering. 

I am so impressed with V. Kelly! I am going through her backlist and I plan on catching up, on ever single one of her books because the way she writes, will put a smile on your face and make you laugh your butt off while also have you sighing in complete satisfaction. Popped is just that type of book will have you wanting more. Its just so much fun and different than Pop. The surprises are eye-popping and I was enthralled and I LOVED that!

Popped gets a WICKEDLY AWESOME FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Fun, flirty, sexy, Popped is a bit different than Pop but it just made it better and you will absolutely LOVE Symone and Sid!

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