Saturday, January 14, 2017

ARC Review - A Soldier's Triumph (Beyond Valor 3) by Lynne St. James!


Threatening the wife of an Alpha male is a huge mistake. 

Wounded in action, Alex Barrett is stuck in a wheelchair. But it won't stop him from protecting the love of his life. Come hell or high water, he'd find a way to keep Lily safe.

Devastated at how close she came to losing her husband, Lily Barrett will do anything to protect him—even if it means not telling him when she witnesses a murder.

When Alex finds out, he enlists the help of some old teammates who run the Eagle Protection & Security Agency. Will these ex-military men be able to help Alex save his wife before it's too late? 


This book was so heartfelt and full of what I imagine, a spouse of someone who is in the Army or such and worries every day of getting that one dreaded phone call. Lynne St. James knows how to put heart-melting romance and heart-breaking moments in a story so fine, it easily becomes a favorite. I have loved her Beyond Valor since book one and I just eat these books up in usually one sitting. Alex and Lily just had me sighing, crying, biting my lip, and begging for more. And the smidgen of danger was the icing on the cake!

I was transfixed by this story from the moment Lily got that phone call that seemed to, at first, change things between them. But the moment Lily is in danger, Alex is back to his protective, sexy self that had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the plot and the storyline..utter perfection! 

I give this book a HEART-FELT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I honestly loved every word, every paragraph, and every single scene in this book.  I HIGHLY recommend not just this book, but the whole Beyond Valor series!

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