Thursday, March 2, 2017

ARC Review - Avenging Angel (Tales From The Lyon's Den 1) by Cara Covington!


Can Ramón and Marcia overcome past trauma and choose the future? Clint knows it’ll be a struggle. But when Ramón steps up to become the Dom he was meant to be, and Marcia submits so sweetly, he knows they have a shot at their own happy ending. 
Ramón has never done this—mixing his personal life with a case. He didn’t believe Clint or Christopher Lyons, owner of the BDSM club The Lyon’s Den, when they’d told him he was a Dom down to his bones. But as he learns what that means, he finds a hope he never dared to embrace. 
Can he let go of the need for vengeance that he has clung to all his adult life? Can he reach for the future in the form of a ménage family? And when a wanted criminal makes a desperate move, will he and his new brother Clint be able to reach their woman in time?

This new book by Morgan Ashbury (aka Cara Covington) is more decadent, HOTTER, and with more heart racing action and suspense than with her Lusty Texas Series. But the one thing I notice with this book that is still the same, is the way Ramon and Clint treat Marcia. There is the familiarity with the way the men woo and love Marcia that you find with her Lusty Texas series that doesn't cease to put a happy grin on my face. 

This book definitely has more dark and scary suspense that had me on the edge. But the way there was the romance you know and love with Miss Ashbury and of course, the decadent sex taking place in the Lyon's Den had me completely head over heels in love with this book! This new series may top her Lusty Texas Series and I didn't think that would be possible, but this first book in her new series just took my breath away. Its unforgettable!

Avenging Angel is written perfection! From the stunning scenes, to the heart racing suspense, to the very likable characters, this story is going to stick with me for a LOOOONG time. I give this an EXTREMELY AMAZING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! If you LOVE menage romances with plenty of suspense, than you will no doubt, love this book!

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