Friday, March 24, 2017

ARC Review - Friday: Laced With Spice by Fifi Flowers!


Novella - Standalone - 6-Book Series

Not wanting to take a chance that my mystery man through a new blind dating service was a dud or worse, I had him meet me at Cafélicious where they were able to check him out and signal Laced with Spice for me to show up... meet Mason!


After reading Friday: Laced With Spice, I can say Mason is my new book boyfriend! Extremely sexy, a bit nerdy, and oh so dominant and alpha, he had me swooning from his first demand! This book was hot and heavy, sweetly awkward (in the BEST way of course!), and definitely spicy. I freaking found myself in a near pant a time or two and I did squirm a bit..ok a LOT with some of the ways Mason brought out his inner Dom. 

One of my favorite things about this series is how everything is set around Cafelicious. It constantly has me craving coffee and it just feels so homey and almost like I can smell the coffee brewing and feel the crackle of energy as the romance blooms. Fifi Flowers just...KNOWS what she is doing with this series and I love how each novella is different with the heroes having such incredible personalities. Some sweet, some cocky, and some nerdy with a dominant side...ABSOLUTE YUM! Friday: Laced With Spice is my new favorite and I will definitely be doing a reread in the next few days just to get another taste of Mason!

This novella gets a GAZILLION AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Well it would if that was allowed, but I will settle for a SPECTACULAR FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Once you get your hands on this novella, you will see just why Mason is my new favorite...ENJOY!

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