Thursday, March 2, 2017

ARC Review - Wednesday With Lots of Cream by Fifi Flowers!


Novella - Standalone - 6-Book Series 

Welcome to Open-mic Wednesday I announced as a gorgeous man close to the stage sporting sexy arm tats blurted out With Lots of Cream and had me so baffled that I forgot to introduce the first performer and belted out my own song staring straight into his clear blue eyes... meet Nate!


Another great novella by Fifi Flowers! Wednesday With Lots Of Cream isn't as steamy as Tuesday, but my god, it still sweet and tempting! We get a sweet, tattooed hottie and a barista who is in charge of mic night. The charm of Nate, had me melting and sighing. Even though this story isn't as...deliciously dirty as Tuesday, Wednesday has a charm that really is undeniable. I love the slow building passion and the genuine good storyline. This novella can easily sweep you away and that is what I enjoyed most about this story!

The one thing I am always impressed with, is Miss Flowers's way of writing. She intrigues me with her characters and her simple cafe and simple life the women of the cafe seem to have just draw me in. Add in some , domineering, or sweet heroes, and I am HOOKED! In Wednesday you get the sweet, sexy hero and I couldn't like him more if I tried. What a treat!

Wednesday With Lots of Cream gets a SWEET AND CREAMY FOUR SHOOTING STARS! It definitely has me craving a nice cup of coffee with lots of cream, that is for sure. 

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