Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cupcake Release Day Blitz!


Sloan Kincaid's CUPCAKE is available now - and trust us, you don't want to miss this sexy read! Find out more about CUPCAKE below!


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I had everything a woman could ever want. The problem? None of it is what this woman wants. Independent for the first time in my life, I want to focus on my dream of someday opening a bakery... but my business class holds a mouth-watering distraction in the form of Shep. A man almost ten years younger than me, with a hard body, tattoos on his skin, engine grease on his jeans and the filthiest mouth I've ever heard. I know I shouldn't get involved with anyone right now, but when those rough hands grab me and call me Cupcake, I can't help but do every delicious thing that he says.


A steamy, sexy, sinful story of a slightly older woman and a younger gorgeous man that takes alphaness to a whole new, HOTTER level! I felt the flames of desire and the heat of passion from the moment Shep started flirting with Anna. His dominance was ULTRA sexy and I swear, I felt like panting when he got downright dominant with Anna and the sex...WOWZA! 

Nothing calls me like a book with a sexy tattooed man who is all alpha and can dominant in the bedroom and is sweet and flirty outside it with the girl he falls for. Anna and Shep I consider to be a perfect couple. They fit like puzzle pieces and even though it took Anna a bit to see it, I loved every hot second of this incredible story. 

Cupcake gets a DELICIOUSLY HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This book can easily be devoured in just a sitting or two and you will LOVE every second, every word, every decadent thing as much as I did.

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About Sloan Kincaid

If you’re looking for Sloan Kincaid, you’d never find her living in eastern USA with a husband, children and pets. Nor would you ever find her in her office, writing the day away in her pajamas. Oh, no, if you’re looking for Sloan you might find her gracing the Hollywood elite with her presence, sunbathing naked on an exotic beach in Southern France, or mingling with the rich and famous in Cairo. Perhaps you can catch her before she slips between the sheets with a man who is as handsome as he is wealthy, a man who promises her the world. Sloan Kincaid is no ordinary woman. Men love her. Women want to be her. Sloan is bold, sensuous and sophisticated. And she is my alter ego. :) You can contact Sloan at Facebook:

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