Thursday, March 23, 2017

ARC Review - Betting On Love by Danielle Dickson!


Having a different woman every single night is the way I’ve always done things.
It works and it’s fun, so why change it?
The thought of having a monogamous relationship hadn’t even crossed my mind... until her... the infuriatingly seductive, witty, Goddess from across the pond who now lives down the hall from me.
She teases me with her perfectly shaped peach for an ass and her British accent. She makes me want more, all the while making me feel like I’ll never get it. 
The only way I can get her off my mind and out of my system is to get her into my bed.
The bet I have planned may not be one of my brightest ideas, but I’m going to chuck my doubts in the fuck it bucket and win this thing!
She’s not going to know what hit her.

Betting On Love is a spinoff, STANDALONE novel from the Little Hollow Series by the same author.


Here is a romantic comedy that had my sides splitting with laughter and my heart set to "LOVE" with Mac and Billie's romance! Their push and pull was off the charts HOT and irresistibly fun! I giggled and sighed and could NOT help but to fall in love with this fun, feisty, sizzling romantic comedy! 

Danielle Dickson knows how to write side-splitting humor and sizzling romance! Her characters are pure fun and her plot will just keep you smiling. There is also some heart with this story that you will SO enjoy. This book is one of a kind and I freaking ADORED it!

Betting On Love gets a IRRESISTIBLY SAUCY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Once you start this you will not put it down until your done. Its THAT good!

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