Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ARC Review - Wicked Crazy Vampire by Cassandra Lawson!


Twenty-five years ago an alliance was formed for the purpose of starting a war between vampires and hunters. When their plot was abandoned, all traces of their secret order were destroyed. . . or so they believed. A child who is both hunter and vampire survived. To keep her safe, her true nature has been hidden for more than two decades. Now, the original members of the order have joined forces once more for a single purpose—to kill the young woman before anyone can discover what she is.

Raised to be the perfect killer, Drew never expected to be anything more. Watching his cousins find true happiness and love, he longed for more, even knowing he was too broken for love. When his vampire family joins forces to stop a plot that could end the truce between vampires and hunters, Drew is thrown together with a woman who is not what she seems. She is far from Drew’s type, but he finds himself unable to stay away from her. As he tries to find a way to keep her safe, he begins to wonder if she may be able to love him for who he is—faults and all. 


Get ready for Drew everybody! I loved this sexy, wicked, slightly nutty vampire with his sense of humor, his strange charm and his sexiness! And Talia she is bad ass, sweet yet tough and she is not at ALL what she appears to be. Whenever Talia and Drew get together, sparks fly, annoyances turn to lust and oh boy, is that lust something to see.

Cassandra Lawson writes some of the steamiest, action packed, sweet, and unforgettable paranormal romance to date. Her vampires are always irresistible and her heroines are strong and fierce and know just how to capture the heroes heart. Wicked Crazy Vampire had me smiling ear to ear and loving every second of this story. I honestly can't get enough of Drew! Out of all the vampires Miss Lawson has written so far, I think I like Drew the very best. His wicked charm and personality and even his slight broodiness just drew me in like a moth to a flame. And when Talia and Drew start spending time together as they search out Shayla, the sparks snap, crackle, and pop and the chemistry left me breathless and achy. God, how I loved these two!

Wicked Crazy Vampire gets a WICKEDLY CRAZY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Sexy, sweet, dangerous and tempting, this book is a REAL WINNER! 

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