Saturday, November 16, 2013

Undercover Dom by TL Reeve and Indigo Sin

I was SO VERY excited to read this book! So far, I have LOVED anything by T.L. Reeve and Indigo Sin. These incredible authors know how to write a HOT book and make you pant the whole time reading it!
 I was giving a free copy of this book for my HONEST Review.

I am TOTALLY in full LUST with Dallas! I loved his strong character and the fact that he was both playful and incredibly alpha as a Dom. Taryn was just a treat as a Submissive. I really liked her smart mouth and her talent for getting herself into trouble. 

 Murder and mystery shroud Crimson Heat, a secretive BDSM club on the outskirts of Chicago. Given the opportunity to go undercover as a Dom to flush out a killer, officer Dallas Whitten jumps at the chance, not that being a Dom is anything new to him.

Crimson Heat public relations advisor, Taryn Lenox, spends her time coordinating events to bring Dominants and submissives together, while secretly pining for a relationship of her own.

When fate brings them together, a spark beyond anything they ever imagined is ignited, but Dallas' secret and a sinister presence threatens to destroy any chance they may have. Will love conquer all? Or will evil win out in the end? 

  I enjoyed this story from page one. I knew Undercover Dom was going to be spectacular as soon as I read the blurb and I was in no way disappointed. I give this a Four and a Half Stars out of Five. This was a well written book with lots of stunningly HOT sex and even a bit of fun and playfulness I wasn't expecting. I think the characters were both fun and sexy together. The sex was explosive and I found myself squirming in my favorite reading chair with each encounter between Taryn and Dallas. You can't get much hotter then this! Both T.L. Reeve and Indigo Sin are wonderful authors and know how to work together to create a one-of-a-kind story with so much passion and action that will leave a fan of erotic romance blown away..possibly in more ways then one! I hope for many more books in the Crimson Heat Series and am wondering which delicious Dom will be next to get his book. Mmmmm, the possibilities are endless. Indigo Sin and T.L.Reeve, you guys ROCK!