Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ARC Review of Lania's Pet by Dace Everan


Years, Lania has taken Cal’s needs into her hands. Taken them, controlled them, and marveled in the way he has so obediently submitted to her. Years she has craved to have what he has, the trust to submit. A bad decision made by her stupid youthful self made sure that any trust in a master was something she would never experience. Can Cal convince Lania he is worthy of her trust? That he can take her to that splendid pace she has taken him so many times. Lania’s past has caught up to her and Cal will do anything to make sure she is safe. Little does he realize that not only is Lania a splendid Mistress, but she can take care of herself just as well. Cal needs to provide for his Mistress her deepest need. Submitting. Lania must turn to Cal for something she has lost. Trust. Can Lania trust in her pet? 


This is the first erotic romance with BDSM that had a Domme in it as the lead character, that I wanted to actually read. Usually I prefer reading about Doms and their female submissives, but I can honestly say this was quite tempting. I was absolutely amazed with how HOT and seductive reading about a Domme and her male submissive. It was so different and even more delicious then Dace Everan's previous Soldiers of Passion books.  

I LOVED seeing Cal, who is a VERY strong, muscular man, submitting to a woman who was small and gorgeous. It was also VERY sexy as Cal turns the tables and masters Lania. 

It wasn't easy to top Lania either because her past was brutal and left her emotionally scarred. But when Cal notices her looking with envy at the other submissives who have Doms that they can trust, she wishes she could have that too. Cal sees this and wants to give his Mistress ANYTHING and EVERYTHING including the very thing she is wants but is terrified of, her submission to a man.

Lania's Pet was an emotional, sexy erotic romance that left me completely turned on, sad, happy, and satisfied. I think this story is my FAVORITE so far in Dace's Soldiers of Passion Series. The sex was intense, and incredibly dirty in the BEST way! I give this book a FULL FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its truly incredible  and I LOVED it ever so much! If you haven't read this book then I suggest you pick this up, especially if you crave BDSM like I do. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

ARC Review of Risque Reunion by Rayne Bexley, Aurora Black , Harper Jewel, Oliver Lixx, Ava Snow , and Cleo Taurus


When four long-time friends, former college roommates who went their separate ways after graduation, decide that texts, phone calls, and weekly Skype conversations are no longer enough, they all agree a weekend get-together is in order. An invitation by the only married one in their quartet is extended, and the plans begin. As the women prepare for their no-holds barred visit to the O’Connell home, each one recalls their sexual fantasies with the group—some realized, some not, some that just barely touched the edge of the erotic vision. Even the lone male in the group recalls his prior interaction with the three soon-to-be-arriving guests. With anticipation and arousals ignited, they are all looking forward to their Risqué Reunion. But none of them are prepared for the O’Connell’s nosy neighbor. Will the voyeur next door ruin all their fun, or will they find a way to make the weekend better than any of them ever expected?


Risque Reunion is some seriously sexy, dirty fun! I LOVED these friends. Each one had a great memory and every single one has some wickedly HOT fantasies. I enjoyed reading about them and when they get together, things REALLY get interesting.

It becomes even more awesome when they decided to add another person into the mix. I have to say also that this cover says it ALL. I like the sexy gray and black look with the blue lettering of the title and the five people in each window. Risque Reunion is the absolute PERFECT title for such a fun, erotic read. 

I don't dare say anything else about the story other then it was well-written and had a good strong storyline. I give this erotica a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! My only real complaint is I wish it was a longer story...but then again I always feel that way with a GOOD book *wink*. So if you enjoy your erotica and am looking for something new, then I suggest you pick up this sexy book and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

ARC Review of Bloodweight by Eva LeNoir


As a young independent vampire, Ellen Banks takes the ring, and all eyes are on her. The lithe rebel has worked hard to get to this one moment in her less-than-stellar life. No one will stand in her way of that championship belt, especially not the powerful and impossibly salacious Nash Stanford. If only her traitorous body’s reaction would shut the hell up.


Bloodweight has got to be the most unique paranormal romance I have read in a LONG time. I found this to be completely fascinating and downright addictive. Usually in most romances the heroines are tough but have a inner sweetness that is not hard to see. With Bloodweight we have a young female vampire that is TRULY strong. Both physically and mentally. 
Ellen has a feisty-ness that you can't  ignore both in the ring and outside it. But we also see a hero who I can honestly say is an equal to her. At least to me. Both are notoriously strong and both have strong desires for each other that neither can really deny. The passion is strong, the sex hot and the story rolled together beautifully.
I would of never imagined a story where the heroine is basically a champion boxer. But Eva Lenoir created one that was the ULTIMATE tough girl. 
Bloodweight gets a FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS from me! Its wickedly dangerous, and seductive. I can't wait to read the next one!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ARC Review of Cursed Desires by C.E. Black


Kara and Gabe had been happily married for seven
years. They'd had their ups and downs, but nothing could have prepared them for what
happened after a weekend getaway, and a fun tour of one of the oldest
cemeteries in Charleston.

When Kara told Gabe she believed their house was
haunted, he knew there had to be a reasonable explanation, but he'd never been
so wrong. Something or someone had followed them home, and once their
mysterious ghost revealed himself, things really got interesting.

Who knew curses could be real? 


Cursed Desires? What a truly sinfully accurate title for this story by C.E. Black. I couldn't believe how wonderful and awe-inspiring this romance was. I LOVED the opening of the book. Its not often an author can start with a wickedly hot sex scene and make the story come alive even more after that, but I have to give credit to Miss Black because she pulled it off beautifully! I found Cursed Desires to be intense in the best way with a romance that was both astounding and sexy and the ghostly encounters to be just the icing on this perfect cake. There was a smidgen of mystery which I thought was really cool to behold, and the sex was no doubt, some of the best I have read in romance books.

Kara and Gabe are just a fun couple who are still in love with each other even after several years together. When we added the ghost to the mix, it just heated things up more and made this book a unique romance with some paranormal activity thrown in the mix. I loved the different contrasts and the writing style fits the book. I can't imagine having a single thing change in Cursed Desires nor do I wish anything was different..well except maybe to have it longer. *Grins* 

I give this romance an AMAZING FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its intense, sexy, steamy, with a little bit of menage thrown in to make things interesting, and its perfectly written. I am SO glad I read this book and hope you give it a whirl too.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

ARC Review of Shifted Temptations by C.E. Black


When Samantha (aka Sam) finds herself falling in love with not one, but two men she’s been having a no-strings ménage relationship with, she decides splitting up is the right thing to do. Jordan and Alex refuse to commit, but Sam needs more stability in her life, especially when she finds out she is about to take on a whole lot more responsibility. 
Jordan and Alex grew up together in a small town of jaguar shifters, where being a half-blood was looked down upon, even by their own fathers. Once they became adults, they left their community and joined a secret military operation call the Alpha Division, a team of shifters keeping the peace with any means necessary, and their next mission comes close to home. Both men feel they have too many secrets for commitment, but at the same time cannot stand the thought of losing Sam. 
When Jordan and Alex’s past comes back to haunt them, a possible traitor on the team threatens the woman they love and a future they have never dreamt. Once secrets are revealed, can the three of them forget the past and forgive the lies or will fear drive them further apart? 


Shifted Temptations is the first book I have read by author C.E. Black. I really enjoyed this shifter romance too.  I thought it was really neat to see all three character perspectives.  With one chapter being Sam's and then one being Alex, and one being Jordan, it was really unique to see what all the characters were thinking and feeling throughout the book.
This was really well written and a very good thought out story. I liked Sam for her independence, her strong will, and determination. I liked Alex for his easy going ways, his easy smile, and how determined he was to get Sam back into his life. Jordan was the one character I wanted to smack sometimes though. He was a hard-ass, and seemed like he made a lot of mistakes with both Sam and Alex, but after a while, he became the hero I like to see in my romances. Dedicated, and sweet. With a hidden charm that I just loved.
Shifted Temptations was a heartfelt, sexy, sassy joy ride I LOVED immensely. I liked the shifter elements, the sex was phenomenal, with the perfect type of tension between the characters, and the romance was sweet and seductive while the story just drew me in. I give this a stunning FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!! Its perfectly delectable!

Monday, July 7, 2014

ARC Review of The Secret-Keeper's Choice by Suzette Cauler

Immortal Daria Vacanti guards secrets dating back to the beginning of vampire history but remembers nothing of her own past. On top of that, Daria is torn between Joshua and Holden Parker, the vampires she loves but can't have. When she leaves town to escape an impossible choice, she meets a witch who promises to restore her memories. It’s just the distraction she needs to get over the Parker brothers, but is the price for the witch’s help too great?
Joshua and Holden have tried to forget Daria, but when the clan elders sentence her to serve under them, the brothers discover that love dies hard. With the trio forced to live under the same roof, sparks fly, tempers flare, and desire threatens to consume them all. Can Daria choose between the brothers this time around? Will her quest for insight into her past destroy everything she holds dear?

The Secret-Keeper's Choice is the second book Miss Suzette Cauler has written. I really adored the paranormal elements. I LOVE vampires and when there are TWO hot vampires involved its even better! 
There is plenty to love about this book: The characters, romance, HOT sex with not one, but TWO sexy vamps, and the passion that comes along with it. The one thing that bothered me a bit about this book was the competition between the two brothers as they both try to win Daria. It seemed like it took a good part of the book before they decided to work together and LOVE together. 
All in all this book was very satisfying and really worth reading. If I had to choose a favorite between the two Parker brothers I would have to choose Joshua. He is sweet, caring, love-able, doesn't give up easily, and downright drool worthy. Now that doesn't mean Holden isn't as sexy. He is just a bit more dark, on edge, more dominant, and just as drool worthy as his brother. Daria is a strong woman. She is tenacious, strong-willed, smart, gorgeous, and has a soft side that no one cares to examine...except of course for the brothers.
I gave The Secret-Keeper's Choice a magnificent FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS! I am looking forward to more paranormal romance by Suzette Cauler. If you haven't picked this book yet, I suggest you do so IMMEDIATELY and enjoy the erotic ride.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

ARC Review of Lara's Last Journey by Mya Larose


There are some loves that are too strong to derail or escape from. Being a passionate, independent woman is something to be proud of…unless you are alone at night and your dreams are haunted.
Lara Dunups always felt like she was born in the wrong era. Her dreams were constantly haunted by the same man from the past. During a short drive, she feels dizzy and slips into darkness, only to wake up in a bedroom in the year 1521.
Pasha Suleyman is the third son of Sultan Hasan I in the Ottoman Empire. A man devoted to serve and protect his father, his heart secretly yearns for the woman who monopolizes his dreams. Until one evening, when he closes his eyes and makes a wish.
Can a woman from the future make it in this newfound era? And can Suleyman protect his beloved from his foe? Be careful what you wish for…

I liked this book a WHOLE lot! Lara's Last Journey was an awesome romance with a lot of surprises, sensuality, interesting characters, and details that were pretty amazing.
Lara's Last Journey is the second book in Mya Larose's One More Time Series. I ABSOLUTELY loved the time-travel twist in this and wasn't completely expecting it which just made it that much better for me. I liked both Suleyman and Lara and thought they completely complimented each other very well. Sulleyman is sexy, dark, caring, and sensual, while Lara is fiery, kind, sassy, and just a VERY like-able heroine.
The fact that both characters were haunting each other dreams way before they ever met was something I found downright fascinating and sexy as hell. I think Lara's Last Journey was truly well written and think Mya Larose did such a great job with the second book in her One More Time Series. The only complaint I really have is I wish it was longer. Other then that this book was engrossing, and sexy. The romance is strong and the sex passionate and the heat level is scorching! I give this a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. Its an enchanting romance with lots of things to love about it. A definite page turner.