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Ruck Me Cover Reveal!

Title: Ruck Me
Series: Dublin Rugby #2
Author: Rebecca Norinne
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: August 9, 2017


She’s a free spirit; he’s a no nonsense kind of guy. When these opposites attract ... oh baby! It's game on!

I’ve called Aoife O’Shaughnessy a number of things, but dumb was never one of them. Through all the insane things she’s done—all the trouble she’s gotten into—I never once thought she was actually stupid. Until now. Because I just heard her plan to lose her virginity to the vilest human being I’ve ever met.

My first thought? How the f*ck is Aoife still a virgin? The second? Over my dead body.

So I volunteered for the job instead.

It might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but once the words were out of my mouth, I couldn’t take them back. Now, I can’t stop wondering what it will be like to kiss the pink-haired sprite I’ve known my whole life, to hear her moan my name when she comes.

And I know she’s wondering about me too.

What started off as a bit of fun has spiraled out of control and now I’m in deep. I never meant to fall in love with Aoife … it was never supposed to go this far. And what happens next, just might break both of us.

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Author Bio

USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Norinne writes contemporary romance featuring smart and sexy heroines and the men who adore them. When not writing, Rebecca is watching rugby, drinking craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next story. Her favorite foods are popcorn, sushi, and French fries and she’s never met a Kelly Clarkson song she didn’t like. For more information, visit

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Table 10 Part 3 Release Blitz with ARC Review!

Release Blitz
Table 10: Part 3 
 Author: Jiffy Kate
Genre: Contemporary Romance


A waitress fielding life’s curveballs.
A CEO with a penchant for pie.

She’s independent and tenacious.

He’s chivalrous and demanding.

They’re an unexpected match.

Somehow, through a series of events, their lives are thrust together. But what happens next? Find out how it ends in this final installment of Table 10.


A sexy, sweet, succulent story of a beautiful waitress and a gloriously amazing CEO. I fell in love with this story from the first part and my god, it fed my romantic side perfectly. I loved having a sexy man that was charming, caring, and just had a heart-melting grin and a woman who is not only beautiful, but kind and smart. Every bit of banter and sexy scene had me swooning and falling in love with Nathan. Part 3 is the final conclusion that left me in utter L-O-V-E with this story and author.

Part 3 is never ending goodness with a few twists and many moments of complete charm. I can't wait to see where Jiffy Kate will take us in future stories. She has an incredible talent of writing a hero who I downright worship and heroine I can't help but to picture myself as. And the romance....DAMN, mighty fine doesn't cover it!

Table 10 Part 3 gets  a DELICIOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a perfect ending to a perfect story!




Jiffy Kate is the joint pen name for Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman.

Jiff was born and raised in Louisiana. She’s now living in Texas with her two teenagers and two bulldogs, Georgia Rose and Jake. She spends her days enabling people’s LulaRoe addictions. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal.

Jenny Kate was born and raised in Oklahoma where she lives with her husband, teenager, and two high-maintenance Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Wrigley and Oliver. She’s a coffee-obsessed accounting assistant, who wishes she had an endless supply of money and vacation days.

Some people think they’ve been friends forever, but they’ve only known each other about six years. Kindred spirits and all that. After their first “date”, they knew it was fate. Five years ago, they started writing their first story and they haven’t stopped.  

Their first published book, Finding Focus, was released in November 2015. Since then, they’ve published the second book of the Finding Focus Series, Chasing Castles, and a new adult romance, The Other One. 

If you like a romance set in the south, then you’ll love their southern fried fiction with heart and soul.

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Battle Scars Release Blitz with ARC Review!

Title: Battle Scars
Series: Love is Messy Duet Book #2
Author: Emily Goodwin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 29

They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes it does just the opposite. The pain festers, seeping deep into your heart. By the time you’ve realized what happened, it’s too late and you’re left with a scar that will never go away.
I’ve spent the last year hiding my scars, running from the man who gave them to me. What I thought was love turned out to be a nightmare that won’t end, even though I forced myself awake. Love isn’t real. Love only leads to heartache.
And then I met him, the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Throw in some sexy confidence and a panty-melting grin, and you have the recipe for a broken heart. Only, my heart is becoming full again, being put back together piece by piece the more time we spend together.
I’ve been down this road before and know it’ll end in two ways: we’ll ride off in the sunset together and live happily ever after, or we’ll crash and burn so hard neither will survive the wreckage. I want to be hopeful, but history is damned to repeat itself. And I have the scars to prove it.


Can I just say how much I ADORED Cole after Battle Scars and how much this book had me weeping, sighing, my emotions bouncing every which way and the way Cole seemed not only less cold, but probably is one of the most magnificent heroes EVER written has me in such a state, I can't even describe it! OMG this story was so...SOOOOOO GOOD. There was so much scary situations from the ex and the way Cole was determined to protect Diana, was so heart-melting and touching and I never imagined he would end up being the BEST hero but he SO freaking was. I am still in awe over this duet! Emily Goodwin very much outdid herself with this duet and I can't tell you how much I ADORED every second of Battle Scars and the ending of this duet. 

Cole and Diana is definitely my most preferred couple. Their romance is soft, sweet, sexy, and the way they feel about each other makes me happy. This duet had every one of my emotions running to the surface. This one will no doubt stay with me for a VEEEEEEERY long time!

Battle Scars gets a AMAZINGLY TOUCHING AND BEYOND FABULOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This book is utter perfection and is an absolute MUST READ!!





Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.
She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

ARC Review -Can't Let Go by Molly McLain!


Reed Fletcher has spent years perfecting his reputation as River Bend's most shameless player. Don't confuse him with a heartless asshole--he's just honest about what he wants and he'll do anything to get it. Being born under less than perfect circumstances has given him no other choice.

Everyone has a story... 

Mia Carderas has used her sweet and sexy demeanor to get everything she could possibly want out of life. Or so she lets everyone believe. When her father falls ill back home, that carefully constructed fa├žade begins to crack. The only way to keep it together is to accept help from a former friend...and more recent lover. A man who knows more than he should--a man who could ruin it all if she isn't careful.

Everyone has a weakness... 

Finding a balance between what Reed wants and what Mia needs proves harder than he expected. With every slow blink and every shared moment, he loses more of himself to her...willingly. Maybe neither of them is who they've pretended to be. But where exactly does that leave them when it all comes crashing down?


I LOOOOOVE this cover! Soft, sexy, sweet, it is the FIRST thing I noticed and had me instantly intrigued. But the story, the romance, the sexy scenes is what really took my breath away and left my heart happy. Its this kind of romance that can make me sappy. Its beautifully written with adoring characters a great storyline, soft and balanced plot and is just GOOD!

Molly McLain is a fanfreakingtastic author! Can't Let Go has sexy, crackling with heat scenes that just left me squirming and biting my lip....I think I even MOANED a time or two. OMG a book that can make me moan is a MUST HAVE book. I am addicted to this particular story and Reed is one succulent hero and Mia is full of surprises. Reed and Mia together though blew my mind and I CHERISHED IT! 

Can't Let Go is a SWEET, SEXY, GIVE ME THAT I MUST READ IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Molly McLain is VERY talented author and KNOWS how to write perfect romances that can make you SWOON!

Seductively Spellbound Release Blitz with ARC Review!

Title: Seductively Spellbound
Series: Spells That Bind #3
Author: Cassandra Lawson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 29

When Gryph walked out of her life, Julia expected to quickly forget the far too arrogant werewolf. Months later, he’s still starring prominently in her naughtiest dreams. Tired of waiting for Gryph to come around, she decides to take matters into her own hands. When Julia is suddenly in need of a bodyguard, she knows just who to call. With Gryph back in her life, Julia decides it’s time to seduce the sexy werewolf.
A job offer to protect a sassy witch is a temptation Gryph isn’t sure he wants to deal with. He knows being around Julia will be a struggle for both the man and the wolf in him. Still, he can’t trust anyone else to keep her safe. He’s also tired of dreaming of the woman he knows to be his mate. Now, he just needs to focus on two things: proving to the little witch she can’t live without him and keeping her alive.

So seductive, so sexy, Seductively Spellbound took me on a journey of magic, passion, incredibly HOT and erotic sexy times that left me breathless and nibbling my lips, sighing and squirming deliciously with one AMAZINGLY sexy and slightly grumpy werewolf who took possession to a whole new level that ONLY Cassandra Lawson can write up. Even though Gryph has one arm, I felt like he was the most incredibly strong, protective, caring, and sinful werewolf EVER written! While Julia is beautiful, sassy, wonderfully sweet, yet seems to be the kind of woman and witch, you just wish you knew in real life. 

These two characters stole my heart from the moment they were introduced in previous Spells That Bind books. Gryph's grumpiness and yes, the way he seemed to growl often was such a turn on for me. And the way she glared and snapped back at him, I could definitely FEEL the sexual tension and as Julia seduces Gryph, I fell more and more in love with their romance. Mixed in was some seriously great on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, danger, and action! It was scary, thrilling and had me HOOKED! And that sexy werewolf was so determined to protect and convince Julia of the fact that she was indeed, his mate, while protecting her was so damn HOT and had my heart melting. And the sex...HOT FREAKING DAMN WAS IT EVER GOOD! Seductively Spellbound is MY NEW FAVORITE IN THIS SERIES!

Seductively Spellbound gets a DELICIOUSLY SEXY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It was beautifully written. Cassandra Lawson outdid herself with this book and I am EAGER to see where else she will go from here. An absolute MUST READ!

“Did you find your room?” Gryph asked as he walked into the kitchen, with Oliver by his side.
“Yes,” I replied before shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. “Thank you again for letting us stay here.”
A strange look passed over Gryph’s face as he regarded me. His mouth opened, but then he closed it and shook his head.
“What were you going to say?” I asked.
“That this is my job and you don’t have to thank me,” he began. I nodded, oddly hurt by that sentiment before he continued. “Then I realized what a lie that is. You aren’t a job. I don’t have to do this. In fact, I shouldn’t do this. Having you here will create a whole mess of problems for me.”
“Then why are you doing this?” I asked softly. I wanted to walk toward him and rub my hand along his beard. I’d always preferred my partners softer and more refined. Gryph was rough and raw, and I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anyone.
“You know why I’m doing this,” he murmured. “You already know you’re mine, even if you don’t like hearing it.”
Those words were enough to break the temporary spell I’d been under. “I don’t belong to anyone.”
Gryph looked amused by my statement. “So you’ve said,” he remarked with a smirk.




Cassandra Lawson is an author of paranormal romance and contemporary romantic comedy from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has always had an active imagination and enjoyed making up stories from a young age. A hopeless romantic, she loves a happy ending. When she is not writing, Cassandra enjoys baking, spending time with her family, listening to music, or curling up with a good book.

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