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ARC Review -Xan's Feisty Mate (Iron Wolves MC book 2) by Elle Boon!



Breezy has loved Xan Carmichael for years, but she's tired of trying to get him to notice her. She's suffered long enough and is ready to move on.

Xan didn't want a mate, but when someone tries to harm the only woman who calls to him and his wolf, he's ready to rip the world apart to keep her safe.

The past has a way of coming back and haunting your present, and Breezy has just become the focus of a deranged killer. Will Xan and the rest of the Iron Wolves be able to save her before whoever is out to end her life succeeds, or will the stubborn alpha claim her in time?


Totally exciting, full of SO. MUCH. STEAMY. SEX. And lots of ferocious, terrifying, thrilling fight scenes that will leave you cringing and fist pumping the air! Xan's Feisty Mate is the second book to Elle Boon's AMAZING Iron Wolves MC series that features Xan and Breezy. At first, Xan doesn't want a mate, especially one who he assumed got around. But that all changes when Breezy is almost killed after leaving her work. Things become crystal clear for him after that, and thank goodness too! Especially since Breezy turned out to be the total opposite of what Xan thought she was.

The fight and action scenes in this story brought heart-pounding excitement! Along side them we get the incredible smoking HOT HOT HOT sex that will put you on your knees. We also get some incredible, sexy brand new characters that will have you curious to know what will happen in future books. This story was freaking FABULOUS, from start to finish and I am already BEGGING for the next one! I hope Miss Boon doesn't keep us waiting for long, because this series is incredibly enjoyable.

Miss Boon takes us for one ride after another in Xan's Feisty Mate. She writes beautifully sexy and absolutely exciting stories that will thrill and delight you, with sexy characters and witty banter. This book got a SHIMMERING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Make sure to put the Iron Wolves MC on your shelf today.

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Cover Reveal 

Divine Ecstasy 
(Book 8 of The Guardians Of The Realms Series)
Setta Jay


The slave of demented Gods, Sacha knew only a life of anguish and suffering until she was reborn as a Guardian of the Realms.  Gifted with immense strength and rare abilities, she has spent thousands of years battling to protect the four Realms with her Guardian family.  Time has allowed her to construct the perfect mask of calm and control so none can see the past shame and immense pain buried in the darkest recesses of her mind.  Now, an encounter with a new and powerful enemy has left Sacha the victim of a poison induced coma that all are unable to heal.  The last thing anyone imagines waking her is a God with the strength and potential to unravel her entire world.
As the most powerful of the Gods, Hades was awakened from the Creators’ enforced sleep to help the Guardians in their quest to find his heinous brother, Apollo.   After a brutal battle with an unknown Goddess leaves him in need of healing he finds himself powerfully drawn into the room of a sleeping seductress.  Her soul calls to him relentlessly, but if he surrenders himself to that connection and gives her the strength to heal, life as he knows it will end.

With their worlds unraveling and new threats at every turn will Sacha’s past destroy them?  Or will she bring a God to his knees and lead them both into Divine Ecstasy. 

Warning: Sexually explicit content, dirty language and Gods behaving badly.

Releases On JANUARY 31st!

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Setta's Guardians
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~Hidden Ecstasy prequel (free) Link:

   ~Ecstasy Unbound book 1

  ~Ecstasy Claimed book 2 Link:
  ~Denying Ecstasy book 3 Link:
  ~Tempting Ecstasy book 4

  ~Piercing Ecstasy book 5
 ~Binding Ecstasy book 6 

  ~Searing Ecstasy book 7
 ~Bundle Pack book 1-3
 ~Bundle Pack book 4-6

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ARC Review - Divergent Bloodline by TJ Shaw!


While tracking down a killer, clues lead homicide detective, Viviane Taylor to suspect, Julian DeMatteo. From the get-go, DeMatteo unsettles and irritates her. He is a force she has never encountered, someone who excites her even though he is forbidden. Her instincts warn that he’s hiding something and she is determined to uncover those secrets.

As king of the vampires, Julian DeMatteo protects the immortal clans. So, when the beautiful, bullheaded cop embroils herself within his world, he must choose between the woman who reminds him of the humanity he has lost or his loyalty to his people.

As confusing emotions awaken inside her, Viviane can either accept her fate as the one chosen to save the immortal race or lose her soul to darkness. With Julian’s help, she fights an evil that would rip her apart in order to forge a new future with the homicide suspect who has stolen her heart.


Dark, edgy, sexy, and intense, Divergent Bloodline by TJ Shaw is one of those paranormal romances that take you away fully into a world that is dark enough to keep your hair standing on end, yet incredibly entrancing. The characters are terrific and well developed. And the plot, absolutely thrilling!

This world that TJ Shaw created is eccentric and well, impressing. The cover alone had me curious but the story itself not only drew me in, but had me nibbling my lip, eagerly turning the page to find out what was going to happen next. This is the type of story that keeps me happy. One that can take me away and just leaves me breathless and completely intrigued and eager for more. 

Divergent Bloodline gets a MIND BLOWING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This book will take you away to a world that is dark and totally incredible. LOVED IT!

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Netgalley ARC Review - Taking The Score by Kate Meader!


A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

His office temptation is now his full-blown fantasy…

Paying down her sister’s debts has left Emma Strickland with little more than the thrift store suit on her back. And as if the suckfest couldn’t get worse, she’s forced to moonlight as a waitress to support herself and her cat. At a strip club. Her uptight, sexy-as-hell boss Brody Kane can never find out.

Texas property tycoon Brody Kane hired Emma for her spreadsheet skills, but her prim and proper demeanor sealed the deal. There’s no room in his life for a sexy distraction … and yet, he can’t stop lusting after the delicious Ms. Strickland. And then he takes an important client to a Chicago strip club and gets the worst lap dance in adult entertainment history. From Emma.

Now that he knows his office good girl has a naughty streak, Brody makes it his mission to uncover her secrets, one steamy, illicit, over-the-desk encounter at a time. But Emma is hiding more than her side job, and her final secret could end up destroying them both.


A steamy romance where sexy boss falls for employee....mmmmm, yummy! This is the kind of romance that I easily enjoy. Not only do we get the happily ever after I desire, but we get the spicy chemistry, just the right amount of suspense, and characters that are complex enough to love them. Brody is a super gorgeous Texan tycoon that will leave ladies weak at the knees, eager to offer him panties and anything else he desires. Emma is sweet, caring, and has a beautiful body and an amazingly caring heart. 

Taking The Score is easily one of my new favorite books! It is sensual and steamy and wonderfully delightful with passion and delicious, wicked sex. Kate Meader is going on my MUST HAVE list! This gets a WICKED FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I loved every moment of the story and this book is the EXACT reason why romance is, and always will be, my favorite genre. 

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Netgalley ARC Review - I Dream of Dragons by Ashyln Chase!


When Rory Arish and his two fiery dragon siblings are run out of their ancestral Irish home, it seems their luck has run out-until they arrive in Boston and find a paranormal-friendly apartment building. Finally, Rory has a place to call home. There's only one problem: Rory's new lair has simultaneously been rented to an infuriating woman who is as stubborn as she is beautiful and will not leave 'her' apartment matter how steamed he may be...

Amber McNally is a down-on-her-luck flight attendant. She needs this apartment, and not even a fire-breathing dragon with his Irish charm and scorching good looks is going to scare her away. Holing up in their respective corners, a battle of wills ensues. Who will be the first to blink...or give in to their off-the-charts chemistry and decide to make this unorthodox living arrangement a little more permanent?


Lots of fun, mayhem, and saucy romance occurs in I Dream of Dragons by Ashlyn Chase. I freaking laughed at some of the outrageous-ness that went down. I love the sexy dragon's Irish accent and his almost irresistible charm. Amber is a real fire-cracker too! She is fun, stubborn, and seems to have a thing for said hot dragon. This is truly an enjoyable romance.

Paranormal lovers will devour this delicious, magical, sassy romance eagerly. I loved the characters, the different magic species and the non-stop humor. I Dream of Dragons got a FUN, FLIRTY FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS!! Outrageously fun and smartly romantic, this story is one good time, after another.


Title: Eventide of the Bear
Series: The Wild Hunt Legacy #3
Author: Cherise Sinclair
Genre: Paranormal M/F/M

Synopsis ~

She risked her life to save a human child.  Pain was her reward. 

All her life, Emma longed for someone to love. Instead, disaster sees the brand-new bard banished from her people for long lonely years. Injured saving a child, the werebear has to steal food from humans, breaking shifter Law. The territory’s Cosantir and his lethal grizzly warrior catch her in the act. To her surprise, she’s healed and welcomed. Obviously, they don’t know her past. But oh, she can’t resist being around other shifters—especially the captivatingly powerful warrior. Maybe she can stay…just a little while.

As a grizzly warrior, Ben is ordered to house the pretty werebear until she heals. His littermate abandoned him, his home is empty, and he’s been alone for a long time. Intelligent and sweet and lushly curved, Emma is a delight…even if she is oddly reticent about her past. Although having sworn off females, he’s sorely tempted by this one. Damned if he doesn’t want to keep her, secrets or not.  

Females were trouble. Years past, one split Ryder from his littermate. Now the panther shifter is returning to Ben, bringing his cub with him, a four-year-old he stole from the abusive female. To Ryder’s annoyance, his brother is sheltering a wounded bear. A female. Even worse, she’s beautiful and gentle and loving—damned if he’s going to fall for that act again. But when the dark of the moon arrives and death reigns supreme, he’ll discover that not all females are alike.  

In a world filled with hellhounds and pixies, can three lonely shifters and one silent cub create a new family together?

Cherise Bio ~

A New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Cherise Sinclair is renowned for writing heart-wrenching stories with laugh-out-loud dialogue, devastating Dominants, and absolutely sizzling sex. And did I mention the BDSM? Her awards range from a National Leather Award to a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice nomination to a Goodreads BDSM group’s Best Author of the Year.
Cherise currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her beloved husband and writes full-time under the supervision of a merciless feline.

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ARC Review - The Vampire Huntress Part One: Chased by Ashlee Sinn!


Sophia Glen thought she knew who she was—a twenty-something woman with no obligations who just happened to be born a vampire hunter. Spending her nights fighting to rid the city of malevolent creatures, she has earned respect from those who decide her future. Not to mention she’s captured the heart of the sexiest hunter in her crew. 

Sophia enjoys the freedom and intimate connection she has with Silas. He can give her what she needs the most, a chance to let go. Finding that Silas can free her from the urge to always be in control, she allows her desires to flourish. But what Silas will never fully understand is that only their sworn enemy can give Sophia what she truly craves. 

So when Sophia is forced to work with the captivating, exotic, and irresistible Viktor Kaska, she quickly learns that the ancient vampire may be exactly what she desires. Denying her growing need to feel his fangs slip into her skin, Sophia fights the attraction and focuses on taking down the mass of uncontrollable vampires tormenting the city. But when she finds herself trapped under the spell of the very vampire who betrayed them all, her future as a hunter will be changed forever. 

And so will her future with Viktor. 


This is one captivating, smoldering, sensually-charged novella! For a short story...especially part 1 of a story, I was surprised how erotic and thrilling the story was. I really enjoyed this and am curious to see how Part 2 will go.

The characters are complex and intriguing while the plot crackles with just the right amount of sexual tension and curiosity. A thoroughly enjoyable novella! The Vampire Huntress Part One, gets a CRACKLING FOUR AND A HALF STARS! My only real complaint is I wish this could be a full length Part One, because dang, it sizzled! 

Netgalley ARC Review - Betting The Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison!


Ten years ago, Duke King knew that getting involved with Grace Truman would only bring trouble into his already hard life. After all, the son of the town drunk has no business falling for the judge’s daughter…a passion that led to disaster and ended with Duke serving a ten year prison sentence. Duke never wanted to return to Destiny, especially now that he’s built a multimillion dollar custom car empire with his brothers. But when his sick aunt calls him home, he must face his past and discover a secret that instantly changes his life.

Grace never thought she would see Duke again, especially after years of silence. But when Duke comes storming back into her life, looking hotter than ever, and determined to get to know the son he never knew he had, she realizes that maybe she’d been wrong about him so many years ago. So Grace decides to make Duke a bet. If he can stay in the house with them for the next thirty days and prove he’ll be a good father, she’ll agree to letting him be part of his son’s life. If not, he’d better be prepared for a fight.

Going from single guy to family man isn’t going to be easy for Duke, especially with the still sexy, now fiery, Grace clouding his every thought. Can Duke be the man he never thought he could be or will his old bad boy ways be too much to conquer?


Betting The Bad Boy is lots of fun with witty characters and a well developed plot! I really enjoyed the first book and loved the second one even more! The King brothers are just sexy, arrogant, irresistible men that will have you on your knees wanting any kind of attention from them. Duke and Grace were outstanding together! The chemistry was off the charts SIZZLING HOT and the sex was very scrumptious. I loved the witty banter and how I giggled at moments and sighed at others. Truly amazing book.

Sugar Jamison is truly a remarkable author with the talent to weave a story that is both fun and simmers with romance. I love her writing style and how its easy to fall in love with the characters and stories. Betting The Bad Boy gets a SENSATIONAL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! People who have loved Miss Jamison's Perfect Fit Series, will ADORE this series just as much, if not more. 

Sinfully Spellbound Release Blitz!!

Sinfully Spellbound by Cassandra Lawson
Series: Spells That Bind (Book 1) 
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

While most mothers are worried about their adult children getting enough to eat, Allie’s succubus mom is worried about her having enough sex, and even Allie has to admit that six months without a man is too long. When she meets Dylan, a warlock with a history of avoiding commitment, he is a temptation she can’t resist. While Allie doesn’t trust warlocks, she knows this is one night only—no attachments and no emotions. Unfortunately, Dylan doesn’t agree with her plan to walk away, and Allie’s not sure how long she can resist the sexy warlock who could easily break her heart.

Determined to avoid his mother’s attempts to get him to settle down with a nice witch, Dylan has kept his romantic involvements limited to casual affairs with humans. That is until a crazy bet leads to a night of unforgettable sex with a succubus, and Dylan knows one night isn’t enough. There is just one problem with his plan to pursue Allie—she doesn’t trust warlocks. With a killer targeting the local succubus community, Dylan has his hands full trying to keep Allie safe and convince her she can trust him with her heart.


Cassandra Lawson is an author and homeschooling mother of three from the San Francisco Bay area. She has always had a very active imagination and loves making up stories. When she is not writing, she enjoys baking, spending time with her family, listening to music, or curling up with a good book.


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ARC Review - Hard To Handle (The Teach Me Series 2) by RC Boldt!

RC Boldt’s Teach Me series gives us a closer look at just how thin the line is between love and hate…

Fifth grade social studies teacher, Laney Kavanaugh, is no stranger to being left behind – her father taught her that at a young age. That’s why she always has her eyes wide open when it comes to men. She’s determined she will never again be the one left behind. She doesn’t let sex blur what they’re really doing; it’s always just sex.

Until Zach.

Zachariah Mayson, fifth grade writing and English teacher, has been the bane of Laney’s existence from the moment they met at their shared elementary school. She can’t stand him. He gets under her skin like no other and is always utterly obnoxious in his attempts –and successes–in getting a rise out of her.

Until the wedding.

The night of their friends’ wedding, Laney gives in to a moment of melancholy, knowing she’ll never be able to let her guard down enough to let a guy close, let alone someday get married. She and Zach end up having the hottest night she’d ever experienced, showing her another side of him, a softer, sweeter one he’d hidden from her until now. Because now, he hoped she was finally ready to “see” him.

But when you’ve always guarded yourself against falling in love, can you let go of the past in order to embrace the future? 


Well developed story with tempting characters and simmering romance! Again, I never thought I would dig teachers, but RC Boldt just writes them in the kind of light I never pictured. Sweet, sexy, sassy fun, this book thrilled me and melted me. 

I thought Zach was such a hot, sometimes arrogant, man. You can tell he really had a thing for Laney but he just didn't know how to approach someone who had so many walls up. Even though he drove me nuts here and there, I thought he was one of the most utterly sweetest heroes I have ever read about. Laney was hurt more than once and is a bit leery about love and men. Zach drives her insane but one night changes how she sees him. Things sizzle and pop between these two. The chemistry is boiling hot and the sex is scrumptious. I am loving this series!

Hard To Handle gets a SMOLDERING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Tempting, sweet, saucy, and amazingly written, this book is just too hot to handle. Fantastic job RC Boldt! 

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Netgalley ARC Review - Mated with the Cyborg by Cara Bristol!


Kai Andros’s orders were simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out. Then he met her. Mariska. Beautiful. Innocent. Ignorant of her father’s atrocities. And marked for death. His orders said nothing about saving her. But he did. He went off-mission.
Can a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves? 

Mated with the Cyborg is an action-packed erotic sci-fi romance between a man with a mission and a woman with a secret that jeopardizes their lives and the fate of the galaxy.


This is one exciting, sexy, AMAZING story! I fell in LOVE with Kai. I have only read a few cyborg stories where the cyborgs were better than most heroes, but I have to say, Kai took it to a whole new, better, level. I actually adored how wonderful and caring and determined he was to save and mate Mariska. And if any one heroine ever needed someone as wonderful as Kai, it definitely would be Mariska.

I could NOT and would NOT put this book down until I finished. I am now officially addicted to Cara Bristol's sci-fi romances! I want the one before this, and every one that comes after. Totally worth buying and reading again and again. Its THAT good!

Mated with the Cyborg gets a SINFULLY SATISFYING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I wanted to give this a TEN because it ROCKED! The writing was phenomenal and the characters are eccentric and sweet.

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Netgalley ARC Review - Accidentally In Love With The Biker by Teri Anne Stanley!


Aspiring writer Kelli Dalton needs a man, and fast. When she’s rear-ended by a sexy-as-sin biker on the way to a Vegas romance readers convention, she sees her chance. If he’ll pose as her fake boyfriend long enough to impress a bestselling author, Kelli has a shot at saving the bookstore for underprivileged kids she runs back home. 

Quinn Anderson doesn’t know what to make of the cute little writer who stirs his heart and his libido, but he does know he wants to get better acquainted. And if that means keeping up their sexy ruse all week, he’s game. 

Quinn knows girl like Kelli deserves someone with a secure future to help with her store, not a guy struggling to turn a profit on his chopper shop. But if his motorcycle designs win the big Vegas competition, he’ll have enough prize money to fund his dreams…and hers.


Outrageously fun, spirited, with lots of spicy, saucy romance that will leave you both fanning yourself and your heart melting. This is my very first book I read by Miss Teri Anne Stanley, and I just want to berate myself for not find her books sooner! First off, this cover was SMOKING! That alone drew me to the story. Yet, once I actually started reading, I found myself totally enthralled with the plot and amazing characters. I loved how the chemistry between Quinn and Kelli crackles with the most intense passion and lust. I giggled on how they actually met. Things just grew more as the story progressed and I am actually surprised by how fun the story really was. 

Accidentally In Love With The Biker is sexy and fun. I liked the way it was written and think everything from the characters, to the romance, to the plot was terrific and enjoyable. This gets a WHOPPING SEXY FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! 

Netgalley ARC Review - Her Forever Hero by Melody Anne!


Growing up in a big adoptive family, gorgeous small-town attorney Cam has always had a life rich with love. But the one thing he’s missing is the perfect woman to grow old and raise a family with—and send sparks flying on those cold Montana nights! Still, Cam knows if it wasn’t for his caring parents and brothers, he wouldn’t be where he is today, so he tries to pay it forward whenever he can. And if the client happens to be a modern-day damsel in distress, he’ll happily don a suit of shining armor. This time, his sister-in-law’s best friend Grace is in serious trouble, and Cam’s determined to get his smart, beautiful client off the hook. But as attorney-client privilege brings Cam and Grace closer than they ever imagined, the sexual tension heats up. It’s clear before the gavel comes down that the verdict is going to be red hot! 


Her Forever Hero is super hot and deliciously written! I am absolutely in LOVE with Cam. He wasn't only sexy as sin, but sweet, fun, determined, and downright drool-worthy. Grace is the sexy, sassy, woman Cam is in love with and she is incredibly smart and kind and in need of a knight in shinning armor like Cam. And boy, he does one hell of a good job helping her in both the problem at hand, and in reeling her in. 

The sex is off the charts YUMMY and the story is just hard to resist. The cover is gorgeous and definitely says this book is about love, lust, and forever. I am interested in reading other books by Melody Anne since she reeled me in with Her Forever Hero. It was a stunning story that is sizzling HOT and full of love! This story gets a FANTASTIC FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! A worthy hero, a great heroine, and a all out delicious romance.

ARC Review - Going Deep by LJ Vickery!


Dagon is unredeemable in the eyes of the gods he betrayed centuries ago, but now, the Mesopotamian sea god is truly screwed. The answer to his redemption, his Chosen, is finally within reach, but the powers-that-be have stepped up their war against the Earth-bound gods, and he’s literally ripped from her arms. Thrust into the Underworld, he is forced to battle demons, and his body is ravaged beyond endurance. Perhaps it’s for the best. Intense physical pain might be the only thing that can make him forget her. 

After a hellish youth, bartender, Holly Abelard is just trying to get through life. At least, that’s what she thinks until the guy she’s hot for announces he’s a god, and she’s his mate. She’s barely coming to terms with that revelation when the sexy hunk is sucked into the Underworld, and she’s left in the hands of a league of super gods. But Holly isn’t giving up on getting Dagon back. That isn’t to say she doesn’t have her doubts. Had he really sported fangs and scales? What the hell? Or should she say what in Hell, because that’s where she'll have go to find him.


OMG! What an incredible adventurous, heart-pounding story! Going Deep is LJ Vickery's third novel in her Immortals series. More intense and powerfully written with seriously awesome characters, it was SO HARD to put down once I started reading. Dagon is one hell of a great hero. I loved his strong personality and his extreme powers and his incredible sex appeal. He is definitely the type of man, if real, would make my knees weak and have me panting. And Holly his mate, she is definitely one tough woman! When Dagon comes clean to her on who and what he is and is thrown into the underworld, she doesn't hesitate to come forth and demand to go there to get him back. The pull between these two was undeniable. I loved how one adventure led into another and how amazing and thrilling the journey was as Holly and the other Gods, venture into the Underworld to retrieve him. I mean, damn! LJ Vickery just threw me into one loop after another. I was so far on the edge of my seat, I am surprised I didn't fall off! And I swear, my heart never slowed down until the end. AMAZING!

Going Deep is going to be one thrill ride many paranormal lovers will want to get on over and over again. Between the action and romance and fantastic paranormal themes, this book is a real winner! Going Deep by the AMAZING LJ Vickery gets a HEART-THUMPING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! And it deserves every one, maybe more. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU PICK THIS SERIES UP IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!

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Dirty Sexy Saint Tour with ARC Review!

New York Times bestselling authors Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde are bringing you a dirty, sexy, smoking hot SERIES featuring three bad boy brothers bonded by shocking secrets and their damaged past. Sinful, addicting, and unapologetically alpha, these men are every woman's erotic daydream ... And your ultimate dirty fantasy.
Get started with Dirty Sexy Saint and let Clay Kincaid lead you straight into sin!

Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

Date of Publication: January 19, 2016


Are you ready to get Dirty Sexy with a Saint?

Clay Kincaid knows he's more a sinner than a saint. Especially when it comes to women. With a rough and damaged past that has left him jaded, he doesn't do committed relationships. But he does like sex–the hotter and harder, the better. He likes it fast and filthy, which is why he refuses to even touch someone as sweet and guileless as Samantha Jamieson. Until he discovers that she likes it just as down and dirty as he does. Let the sinning begin . . .

More Dirty Sexy Series coming in 2016!

Dirty Sexy Inked

Dirty Sexy Cuffed


Looking for a romance with a alpha male that loves to talk dirty and follow it with GOOD HOT SEX? Dirty Sexy Saint has just that! Clay is the ultimate alpha male. Sexy and with a good heart. He enjoys helping others who need it. Its hard to resist that type of male. Especially when he had such a hard life. Samantha is a wonderful woman!  Strong, confident, sassy, and perfect for Clay! She has an innocence that is beguiling to Clay, but also has an inner naughty girl that he just can't resist. The chemistry between Clay and Samantha is off the charts. Whenever they are in a room together, both find it hard to resist the other. This book is downright sexy! 

Dirty Sexy Saint will have you BEGGING for the next one! Irresistible with a dominant man and a seductive woman, you can't get this kind of action or sensuality anywhere else. The story is fulfilling and beautifully written with amazing characters and a great plot!

Dirty Sexy Saint gets a DIRTY, FILTHY, SEXY FOUR SHOOTING STARS! This trilogy is going to be AMAZING and you can definitely see that with the first book. I can't wait to get my hands on the second one!

Available From

About Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

***About Carly Phillips***
Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels featuring hot men, strong women and the emotionally compelling stories her readers have come to expect and love. Carly is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs (two wheaten terriers and one mutant Havanese) who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers. You can find out more about Carly at

***About Erika Wilde***
Erika Wilde is the author of the sexy Marriage Diaries series and The Players Club series. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two daughters, and when she's not writing you can find her exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For more information on her upcoming releases, please visit website at

Find Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde Online


She had a small amount of cash on her, and there was no telling how much longer she'd have access to her credit cards before they were put on hold. She called a cab company, then got out of the car, tossed the keys and cell phone beneath the seat—since her father could track that, as well—and manually locked the door.
Within minutes, a taxi pulled up to where Samantha was waiting. The driver was a friendly young girl in her early twenties, and she was counting on the other woman to find her just the right place to celebrate her first night of freedom. A place where no one knew her or would judge her or would expect her to be the good girl she'd always been.
"My name is Angie." The girl glanced over her shoulder to the backseat with a friendly smile. "Where can I take you tonight?"
"To your favorite bar in the Chicago area."
Angie's brows rose in surprise as she took in Samantha's designer purse and high-end attire. "Are you sure about that? My favorite bar is a far cry from The Aviary," she said of the upscale lounge where the wealthy went to mingle and be seen. "The place I hang out at is a bit on the…unrefined side," she said with a laugh.
Samantha grinned. "That's exactly what I'm counting on."
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