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ARC Review of His Angel (The Angel Trilogy Book 1) by Kimberly Blalock


When Evan Young walks into Abigale Hayes’s life she falls; mind, body, and soul for the man she thinks he is, having no idea that the secrets he holds in his hands will destroy the girl she is. Abby must decide how the truth will affect the relationship that has her craving more with every breath she takes and how she will take revenge into her own hands. Evan will die to protect Abby and will kill for her too. The events that unfold will change who Abigale is forever.


His Angel is Kimberly Blalock's debut novel. I absolutely adore this cover. Its sexy, sensual, and oh so intriguing. The book itself was good too. The one thing that I had a hard time with was I thought the beginning was a tad slow and the story didn't pick up till about half way through. But once Evan and Abby meet, the story perks right up and the passion soars high and strong. Add in the secrets, and this story is filled with suspense, some drama, and tons of passionate hot sex and the kind of romance I like in my books.

I LOVED and I mean LOOOOVED Evan! He was what I always considered the perfect man. He is gorgeous, loyal, protective and hotter than HOT!!! I really liked his personality and I truly loved the fact he was really drawn to Abby. I thought Abby was a very likeable character as well. Sweet, kind, leery and of course attracted to the sexy Evan. I could feel the tension between these two from the moment they met. I think Kimberly Blalock did a truly great job with her first book.

I give His Angel a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its a great debut novel and is written well with lots of high points in the story and VERY few low points. The passion and tension is strong and there is a perfect balance of romance and suspense to keep things interesting. I HIGHLY recommend this book!

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The Vampire Will See You Now Release Day Blitz and Review AND Giveaway


Title: The Vampire Will See You Now
Series: Psy-Vamp Book 4
Author: Cassandra Lawson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: 12/29/2014
ISBN: 978-1503239883
Number of pages: 148

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        For more than three years Justin pursued Caitlin with a single-minded purpose, knowing she was the one woman he would do anything for. That resolve was tested when a member of his own family nearly destroyed Caitlin. Now, faced with the realization that she would be better off without him, Justin will do the hardest thing he has done in two hundred years of living and walk away from the woman he loves.
        Surviving the most traumatic experience of her life unlocked abilities Caitlin wasn’t sure she could handle and created a memory she wasn’t sure she could live with. Aided by a powerful empath, Caitlin has learned to control her own abilities and discovered that she is even stronger than she ever imagined. The only problem now is that the man she loves has decided she would be better off without him. Never one to let others control her life, Caitlin will do whatever it takes to prove to Justin how wrong he is.

***No Cliffhangers.

        It felt like someone had shoved a bunch of cotton in his mouth. That was Justin’s first thought after regaining consciousness. Second, he thought about all the ways he could kill Aiden for drugging him, Okay, maybe not kill Aiden, but he intended to cause his cousin a serious amount of pain. As his mind became more focused, he realized he was tied to a bed. Not just any bed; this was his old bed in Nathaniel’s house. The room was still his since he stayed here if he had a lot of work to do. Most of his stuff was still here.
        “What the hell?” he asked no one in particular. Being tied to a bed was more of an annoyance than anything else. He could easily snap the bed posts, which Aiden would know. Meaning this had to be a sick joke.
        “Glad to see you finally decided to wake up.” Those words came out as a sexy purr from the corner of the room. In the darkness he couldn’t make out her features, but he easily recognized Caitlin’s voice.
        “Care to explain why I’m tied to a bed?” he asked with mild curiosity. “While you’re at it, you can explain why I’m naked.”
       “Call it an intervention,” she said and sauntered across the room wearing sexy black boots, skinny jeans and a slinky black top that rode up over her flat belly. Justin flinched and looked away from her scars.
        “Why do I need an intervention? The only addiction I ever had was you,” he said with a sad smile. “I’ve done a pretty good job of giving that up.”
        Justin was assaulted with lust so strong he felt it to his toes. His hips came up off of the bed and his erection stood tall. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Caitlin was responsible for his sudden arousal. The satisfied look in her eyes and the way the corners of her lips turned up ever so slightly proved he was right. Keeping himself from snapping the bedposts and throwing Caitlin onto the bed was a struggle. The only thing that kept his desire to dominate her in check was his concern for her.
        “You need to stop pitying me. Stop looking at me like I’m a victim. Look at my scars,” she demanded.
        Justin looked at her. His breathing was shallow. “Untie me Caitlin,” he demanded, sounding more like his old self than he had in a long time.


About Cassandra Lawson

        Cassandra Lawson is an author and homeschooling mother of three from the San Francisco Bay area. She has always had a very active imagination and loves making up stories. When she is not writing she enjoys baking, spending time with her family, listening to music, or curling up with a good book.

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The Vampire Will See You Now is the novella to Cassandra Lawson's Psy-Vamp series. Even though this is just a novella, I have to say it might just very well be my favorite book in the series. I loved watching Justin and Caitlin's love flourish. Things weren't easy for Caitlin. She was kidnapped and tortured then rescued and she holds the scars from that to prove it. She is so very resilient and strong and brave that I can't help but to really like this character. Justin is definitely the kind of vampire that I would want. He is sexy, captivating, a gentleman at times and ever so patient and kind.  He was always intrigued with Caitlin even before her abduction and rescue. He thinks though that she is better off without him and Caitlin sets out to prove him wrong. Things escalate fast and passion gets out of control and soon neither one wants to live without the other.

With every book in the Psy-Vamp series, the stories grow and flourish and become even more tempting and intriguing then the last one. I just adore Cassandra's  style of writing and how she makes her vampires different and more unique then your typical vampire. I also enjoy every sexy, sensual moments between the sheets with each couple. This particular novella left me completely breathless and craving more in this series. I can't wait to see what else Cassandra Lawson has in store for us in 2015 in the Psy-Vamp Series.

With how much I loved this book, its no wonder why I give The Vampire Will See You Now an OUTSTANDING FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! If I could, I would give this a full TEN stars! Its sexy, fun, sensual and downright yummy. If you love vampire romances then you will no doubt fall hard for this book and series. Make sure to grab your copy and see what all the fuss is about. 

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Ok no more teasing, here is the cover for Piercing Ecstasy by Setta Jay!!

This is definitely the HOTTEST cover as of yet for Setta Jay's Series. As soon as the blurb is available I will edit this post and get it here for you all to see. I do however, have an excerpt to share with you all. So while we wait for the blurb, feel free to ogle and lick the screen in front of you for as long as you like and enjoy the excerpt. *Wink* 

Piercing Ecstasy Excerpt:

“No running now unless you want my beast to have you kitten.” He heard her breath hitch. “Choose. I pin and fuck you in the forest or here.”
She snarled fiercely, in need, not anger. Her beast was finally slipping its leash.
In mere seconds her clothes were tossed away and she jumped into his arms. His hands filled with her firm round ass as she tried to take charge. Her fingers pulling his hair as her eager lips found his. He took control of the kiss with a slight groan, loving his kitten’s aggression. He nipped at her lower lip and slammed her back into the wall. He felt it quake and heard the needy moan as her pussy wept for more. Fuck, she was perfect. He lifted her up against the battered plaster while slamming inside, lost in her greedy noises. She met him, using her strong thighs to meet each demanding thrust as she milked his dick. She gasped and cried for more at every hard thrust and sharp nails scored his back as he claimed her again. The wall would be destroyed. It didn’t matter, nothing mattered but making her scream and come all over him.
“Take it. Take every inch.” He growled. “I love your marks on my back, kitten.” He knew his own eyes were flashing as he clenched his jaw, fighting the need to mark her like she was doing to him. Pain wasn’t his thing, but fuck if those scratches weren’t getting him off. He slammed harder, deeper until she was screaming and pulsing around his dick.
She was beautiful as her pussy gripped him, her gorgeous neck thrown back in pleasure as animalistic noises slid from her throat. He held back from pounding into her like he wanted, a few measured thrusts was all he allowed himself, it was enough to have him emptying seed deep. A harsh groan rent the air as release and the energy of his mate wracked his body.
Fucking incredible.
Her hips jolted against his as she murmured something incoherent. “That’s it, kitten. All that come’s for you.” He whispered against her lips. Her cat was sated, her supple body warm, snuggling closer to his chest, her eyes glazed in pleasure, but he wasn’t done with her yet.

Please note that the above cover and excerpt was brought to you through Setta Jay's newsletter, thank you.

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Ruled By The Moon by Naomi Bellina ARC Review


 A psychic vet, a secretive werewolf, a menace stalking the shifters … welcome to Nocturne. Magic, mystery, and sizzling passion fill the pages of Ruled By the Moon, Book 1 of Naomi Bellina’s hot new paranormal series, Nocturne.

Dylan is a werewolf with a problem. He shifts at the new moon as well as the full moon. He was born a werewolf, not made like most shape-shifters. Due to these unique traits, he’s avoided joining a pack and has given up hope of having a normal life. Morgan is a veterinarian, ready to be on her own for a good long time after leaving a cheating, spineless husband. She has a plan for her life that doesn’t include a bossy, furry man.

Both are drawn to Nocturne, a town filled with magic due to a strong convergence of ley lines in the area. Morgan and Dylan recognize a connection when they meet, but neither one is looking for romance. After a harrowing encounter with a panther shape-shifter, they must combine forces and work together to uncover a menace that threatens the town. If they can learn to trust each other and let their guard down, they have a chance to solve the mystery and open the door to love.


I really liked this paranormal romance by Naomi Bellina. I like the cover, the title and the whole freaking story! I got lost in the tale from the first page to the last. I think everything came together really nicely and was well written. I didn't think anything was out of place and the story went by smoothly and was interesting and sexy.

Ruled By The Moon had some really great characters. Morgan is a vet who happens to be a psychic. She is really good at what she does and was a surprisingly strong female. Not in just the physical sense, but in the way she really stood out in the story. I liked her sass, her attitude and yes, her temper was something to behold. Dylan is a strong sexy werewolf. He happens to be the last purebred werewolf who was born not turned. He avoids other packs and prefers solitude over anything to protect himself. The moment Dylan and Morgan meet, sparks instantly flare and things get passionate pretty fast. These two are absolutely made for each other and I think Naomi did a great job creating the perfect chemistry between these two hotheads. 

From beginning to end I was drawn in with Ruled By The Moon and it was very hard for me to let it go. I enjoyed the story and think for this first book in Naomi Bellina's NEW series, this will no doubt be a favorite. I gave this an astounding FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS! I loved everything about it and am looking forward to the next book. Keep them coming please! 

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The Colors of Autumn (The Five Widows 3) by Silke Ming ARC Review


 [Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with F/F, bondage, food play, sex toys, HEA] A past indiscretion comes back to haunt Autumn Chance, when someone from her past threatens to blackmail her with incriminating photos taken at an office Christmas party five years earlier. Autumn is unsure about her sexuality, and when she meets Bobby Jo McVane, the two connect sexually, but there is no emotional attachment to Bobby Jo, and on a flight from Charleston back to New York, she meets the handsome Richard Wilcox, a private eye. She hires him to find out who is blackmailing her, and always being in close proximity, they fall for each other. Hot, sizzling sex brings her face to face with the reality that she is not as attracted to women as she had thought. Her blackmailer turns out to be one of her former bosses, Robert Halsey, Scarlet Styles's lover, and after a confrontation with Richard Wilcox, Robert Halsey treads carefully around Autumn. ** A Siren Erotic Romance


 The Colors of Autumn is the third book in Silke Ming's Five Widows Series. With each new installment I noticed that each of the widows has different sexual tastes which adds its own flavor to the stories. They are always unique in their own way and are BIG with the sex scenes. I really liked this story a lot more then the last one. But there was a couple of small things that did bother me about this book.

Shortly after Autumn goes to Charleston to meet back with Bobby Jo for some more hot sex, Autumn learns that Bobby Jo likes to be in control in the bedroom. When Bobby Jo decides to do some personal grooming on Autumn, one of the terms that was used disturbed me. I did not like to think of a woman's mound to be a "grassy knoll" that needed to be "sheared like a spring lamb". This definitely made me think poor Autumn had a  forest down there and I didn't find that sexy at all. However, the sex between Bobby Jo and Autumn was quite hot and inventive and was really something to read about. The only other thing that threw me slightly was I felt for Autumn's age, she was too naive and too young minded in my opinion. Other then these two things, I really did enjoy the story. I liked how Autumn was trying to find herself and thought her experimenting with Bobby Jo and Richard and her finally able to figure out what she really wanted was really well played.

With everything being so interesting and the story being really unique and sexy over all, I gave The Colors of Autumn a FOUR OUT OF FOUR STARS! Even though there was a couple of things that popped out as being a little odd, the story all together was really good and I found this to be one of my favorites in The Five Widows series.

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Music Under The Mistletoe (A Raining Chaos Christmas) by Lynne St. James ARC Review


In book 2.5 of Raining Chaos: Christmas is fast approaching and the band is hard at work on their album. An urgent phone call changes their plans for a Christmas surprise. They drop everything to fly back to New Jersey to give their foster parents a Christmas they will never forget.

While they reminisce on their pasts, the guys prepare a few surprises of their own hoping to set down the tracks for their future. But when the snow begins to fall, they worry even the best laid plans can crumble.

Catch up when seven foster kids descend, bringing love, happiness, and a bit of Chaos to Christmas to the only place they consider home.


Oh my goodness, Music  Under The Mistletoe was  SPECTACULAR! I LOOOOOVED the different point of views of the members and what they thought of coming home for the holidays. I enjoyed the hectic moments, the touching moments, and the sigh worthy moments. This Christmas novella will no doubt be one of my FAVORITES when it comes to holiday reads.

I really liked how each chapter was a different member and I got a chance to really see what each of the members was thinking and feeling as they flew home for Christmas. We get to see the true meaning of Christmas spirit in this romance, Chaos style! Since this was a short read, I won't say much about this story other then if you have read the first two books, Taming Chaos, and Seducing Wrath, then you will NOT...and I mean WILL NOT want to miss out on this holiday novella.

I give this a whooping FOUR AND A HALF STARS!! If you love the Chaos members, and enjoy the Christmas season and love sweet and fun holiday cheer and goodwill, then Music Under The Mistletoe will be absolutely perfect for you! Come join the Chaos Family for Christmas and get your cheer on.


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Indigo's Final Surrender by Silke Ming ARC Review


When Indigo West opens her door and comes face to face with the identical twins, she is totally confused. One of the men is her lover Elvis Palmer, but as she stares at them she becomes more perplexed. She has no idea which of them is her lover. She knows that Elvis has an angel tattoo on his left shoulder, but so does Elvin. Have the two brothers been sharing her bed? The more she thinks about it, the more exciting the idea becomes, until she finally ends up between the sheets with them both at the same time. The Widows have no idea that their friend is caught up in a threesome with the brothers. When a gay, female childhood friend from South Carolina appears on the scene, and is immediately attracted to The Widow Autumn Chance, sparks start to fly and the two women become romantically involved.


This is the second book in Silke Ming's The Five Widows  series, and honestly this story was pretty good. I was thrown a little off balance by how the story began. We meet Indigo's lover at the door with his twin brother and she can't figure out who is who. The names alone were a little confusing, Elvis (which is the one Indigo is sleeping with) and Elvin (Elvis's twin). Honestly, the first name made me think of Elvis Presley and the second one made me think of an elf. Once she figures out who the right Elvis is, Elvin leaves and soon Indigo and Elvis are getting hot and heavy together. As much as I enjoy good, hot, sweaty sex, I prefer a romance starting off with the characters interacting together a bit before they actually have sex. Other then that, this story was an easy read, with some interesting and fun moments and some seriously wickedly hot sex, including some fantastic F/F action!

I have always enjoyed the whole older woman (yet not so old you consider them a grandma) with a younger man (again not so young you think of robbing the cradle). There is something uniquely sexy and intriguing about an older woman and younger man falling in love. Especially when the young man knows what he wants and goes after it, just like a real man should which is something you expect a man who is a bit older to do. The connection between Elvis and Indigo is strong and fun and sassy. When these two hit the sheets, sparks fly, passion soars, and the sheets practically catch on fire. We also get a surprise when Indigo gets a visit from a friend who is gay and soon a small fling with her caught my attention and just made me so glad I got a chance to read this story.

Silke Ming puts together a splendid book filled with extreme sensuality, interesting characters and plenty of scorching sex that will leave you breathless, and have you squirming in your seat. However with the way Indigo's Final Surrender began, it did affect my rating just a bit. In the end I gave this a THREE AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS!  Its deliciously wicked and fun. I wouldn't normally say that about a erotic romance, but this one definitely struck me as fun. I am looking forward to reading the next book in Silke Ming's The Five Widows Series.

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Review of Truthful Silence by Cecile Tellier


  After meeting each other at the boarding school Hazel Angenetti lives in, she becomes reluctant best friends with Eric Wright. Hazel’s inability to speak and Eric’s strange ability to identify when others are telling the truth make for a strong bond between them. While Hazel’s affection for Eric grows and matures she is soon put in life-threatening danger that leads Eric to believe he is a risk to her. Hazel is left behind while Eric goes out into the world to follow his music career. After two years they are reunited and the sparks fly hotter than ever. Determined to take what she wants, Hazel makes a stand, one that Eric cannot resist. They find however that the shadow that’s followed them has also not given up. Together they must meet the threat that follows them head on and find a love that is indestructible.


 The cover for Truthful Silence is really pretty and has a very magical feel to it. I like that. I like the plot and what the story was about. I found it completely unique and different compared to other erotic romance. The one thing that bothered me most was the characters being so young. I adore erotic romance but I felt the characters were just too inexperienced in all aspects and it didn't really sit well for me. I am not saying Truthful Silence is a bad read, but I don't necessarily think it is erotic romance. More young adult or new adult romance.

Even though I liked both Eric and Hazel, I didn't get too much of a paranormal feel to it other then the fact that Eric can tell and feel when others are lying. Eric and Hazel meet when Eric comes to the boarding school where Hazel is living. I found this story to be sweet and uniquely different but I can't say I found this story sexy or all that seductive. It doesn't mean I didn't like it because I really did, but I definitely can't call this erotic. With Eric and Hazel being young, Truthful Silence felt more like a young adult romance then an actual erotic one. Even though I have no problems normally with young adult romances, I was expecting something with a bit more maturity to it with characters being a bit older. Or at least older then what the characters were when Eric left the school to be a rock star. 

Just because Truthful Silence wasn't what I totally expected, I still thought it was a good read and I think those that like their erotic romance to be different then the average erotica, and prefer them a little more on the sweet side, then Truthful Silence is the book for them. I give Truthful Silence a sassy and sweet THREE OUT OF FIVE STARS. I definitely like the fact this isn't your typical romance which is a BIG reason why I rated the book the way I did. I will be watching out for other work by Cecile Tellier and hope she expands and stretches her imagination.

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The Vampire Will See You Now Pre-order links with teaser!

       For more than three years Justin pursued Caitlin with a single-minded purpose, knowing she was the one woman he would do anything for. That resolve was tested when a member of his own family nearly destroyed Caitlin. Now, faced with the realization that she would be better off without him, Justin will do the hardest thing he has done in two hundred years of living and walk away from the woman he loves.
       Surviving the most traumatic experience of her life unlocked abilities Caitlin wasn’t sure she could handle and created a memory she wasn’t sure she could live with. Aided by a powerful empath, Caitlin has learned to control her own abilities and discovered that she is even stronger than she ever imagined. The only problem now is that the man she loves has decided she would be better off without him. Never one to let others control her life, Caitlin will do whatever it takes to prove to Justin how wrong he is.

***No cliffhangers

Pre-Order Your Copy Today

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Ready To Were by Robyn Peterman (Shift Happens Series #1) Review


I never planned on going back to Hung Island, Georgia. Ever.

I was a top notch Were agent for the secret paranormal Council and happily living in Chicago where I had everything I needed – a gym membership, season tickets to the Cubs and Dwayne – my gay, Vampyre best friend. Going back now would mean facing the reason I’d left and I’d rather chew my own paw off than deal with Hank.

Hank the Tank Wilson was the six foot three, obnoxious, egotistical, perfect-assed, best-sex-of-my-life, Werewolf who cheated on me and broke my heart. At the time, I did what any rational woman would do. I left in the middle of the night with a suitcase, big plans and enough money for a one-way bus ticket to freedom. I vowed to never return.

But here I am, trying to wrap my head around what has happened to some missing Weres without wrapping my body around Hank. I hope I don’t have to eat my words and my paw.


Ready To Were was previously released in the Anthology, Three Southern Beaches which was released in July of 2014. This happens to be the extended version of that story and wow, I can honestly say I am THRILLED to see this amazing extended version and to find out that this is a start of a brand new series for the talented and fun Robyn Peterman. 

 This story is a fun filled adventure that had me laughing so hard I could barely contain it. I absolutely love the snark and the laugh out loud moments, which seemed to happen in just about every page. The characters are fun, witty, and just perfect for this story. I LOVED Essie! She is an agent for WTF and is one hell of a fiery heroine. When she gets assigned to come back to her hometown, she is immediately leery because she has a old crush who she refers to as, "Hank the Tank". Her best friend, Dwayne comes along for the ride and as soon as Essie sees Hank again, sparks fly and humor and lots of sass follow.

There are a ton of other fabulous and fun characters that you just HAVE to read about for yourself. Ready To Were is filled to the brim with paranormal elements, and surprises that will keep any reader satisfied. Along with some romping good sex, and witty dialogue and some fabulous writing, this book is just perfect and is exactly why I gave this an AMAZING FIVE OUT OF FIVE SHOOTING STARS!  Robyn creates the kind of books that have both romance and comedy that make most readers laugh, shake their heads, and turn the page for more! Looking forward to the next book in Robyn's new Shift Happens Series. 

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Bree Chapman is hesitant when her friend Rennie hires her to decorate her former boyfriend’s home for the holidays. She’s fantasized a thousand times about what it would be like to see him again, but will her dream turn into a nightmare when he shows her the door?

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