Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review of Truthful Silence by Cecile Tellier


  After meeting each other at the boarding school Hazel Angenetti lives in, she becomes reluctant best friends with Eric Wright. Hazel’s inability to speak and Eric’s strange ability to identify when others are telling the truth make for a strong bond between them. While Hazel’s affection for Eric grows and matures she is soon put in life-threatening danger that leads Eric to believe he is a risk to her. Hazel is left behind while Eric goes out into the world to follow his music career. After two years they are reunited and the sparks fly hotter than ever. Determined to take what she wants, Hazel makes a stand, one that Eric cannot resist. They find however that the shadow that’s followed them has also not given up. Together they must meet the threat that follows them head on and find a love that is indestructible.


 The cover for Truthful Silence is really pretty and has a very magical feel to it. I like that. I like the plot and what the story was about. I found it completely unique and different compared to other erotic romance. The one thing that bothered me most was the characters being so young. I adore erotic romance but I felt the characters were just too inexperienced in all aspects and it didn't really sit well for me. I am not saying Truthful Silence is a bad read, but I don't necessarily think it is erotic romance. More young adult or new adult romance.

Even though I liked both Eric and Hazel, I didn't get too much of a paranormal feel to it other then the fact that Eric can tell and feel when others are lying. Eric and Hazel meet when Eric comes to the boarding school where Hazel is living. I found this story to be sweet and uniquely different but I can't say I found this story sexy or all that seductive. It doesn't mean I didn't like it because I really did, but I definitely can't call this erotic. With Eric and Hazel being young, Truthful Silence felt more like a young adult romance then an actual erotic one. Even though I have no problems normally with young adult romances, I was expecting something with a bit more maturity to it with characters being a bit older. Or at least older then what the characters were when Eric left the school to be a rock star. 

Just because Truthful Silence wasn't what I totally expected, I still thought it was a good read and I think those that like their erotic romance to be different then the average erotica, and prefer them a little more on the sweet side, then Truthful Silence is the book for them. I give Truthful Silence a sassy and sweet THREE OUT OF FIVE STARS. I definitely like the fact this isn't your typical romance which is a BIG reason why I rated the book the way I did. I will be watching out for other work by Cecile Tellier and hope she expands and stretches her imagination.

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