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ARC Review - The Gravedigger's Son (1001 Nights Novella) by Darynda Jones!

 The Gravedigger’s Son (Charley Davidson #13.6)


The job should have been easy.

Get in. Assess the situation. Get out. But for veteran tracker Quentin Rutherford, things get sticky when the girl he’s loved since puberty shows up, conducting her own investigation into the strange occurrences of the small, New Mexico town. He knew it would be a risk coming back to the area, but he had no idea Amber Kowalski had become a bona fide PI, investigating things that go bump in the night. He shouldn’t be surprised, however. She can see the dead as clearly as he can. The real question is, can she see through him?

But is anything that’s worth it ever easy?

To say Amber is shocked to see her childhood crush would be the understatement of her fragile second life. One look at him tells her everything she needs to know. He’s changed. So drastically she barely recognises him. He is savage now, a hardened - in all the right places - demon hunter, and she is simply the awkward, lovestruck girl he left behind.

But she doesn’t have time to dwell on the past. A supernatural entity has set up shop, and it’s up to them to stop it before it kills again.

While thousands of questions burn inside her, she has to put her concern over him, over what he’s become, aside for now. Because he’s about to learn one, undeniable fact: she’s changed, too.


I am over the moon happy for The Gravedigger's Son! It felt AAAAAAAMAZZZZZING to finally get Quentin and Amber's story! I adored these two in The Charley Davidson Series. They were so cute together then but now, their chemistry and heat made me giggly. Like a high school chatting with her crush giggly and yet REALLY happy at the same time. I wasn't expecting Quentin to be so...male and sexy and protective. I knew he was cute when he was younger but he grew up FIIIIINE if you get my drift. And Amber, I freaking LOVED what she does for a living. She definitely took after her aunt Charley for sure. And what Quentin holds inside him made him that much more alluring in my eyes. 

This novella reminded me a bit of the movie Constantine except way more fun and hotter and wittier. I got a huge thrill reading this story and I honestly can't wait to do a major re-read of The Charley Davidson series as well as these novellas thanks to this fun and sexy read! This is an unforgettable treasure and will be cherished by the Charley Davidson fan club everywhere. 

The Gravedigger's Son gets a THRILLING FIVE DEMON SIZED STARS! 

ARC Review - Vampire (1001 Dark Nights Novella) by Rebecca Zanetti!

 Vampire (Dark Protectors, #12.5)


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti comes a new story in her Dark Protectors/Rebels series…

Dr. Mariana Lopez has finally stopped bailing friends out of difficult situations. Well, except for substituting as the leader for another anger management group, pitching in as a campaign strategist for a prospective sheriff, and babysitting three dogs. Even with such a full life, she can feel the danger around her—a sense that something isn’t right. Nightmares harass her, until the real thing comes to life, and only the dark and sexy male sitting in her group can save her. However, with safety comes a price she might not be willing to pay.

Raine Maxwell is one of the Maxwells out of Montana, which means he's not only one of the most deadly vampires alive, but his path is set and his mate has been chosen for him. To save him—to continue his line. Unfortunately, his mate is an enhanced human female who has no idea of her abilities, of his species, or of her future. He’d like to lead her gently into this new world, but his people aren’t the only ones who’ve found her, which puts her into more danger than she can imagine. Plus, in order to follow his laws, he only has one week to convince her that immortality with him is what she wants—and needs.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**


I just finished Vampire and the feeling of utter satisfaction I got from this thrilling, fun, fast paced novella featuring sexy and mysterious vampire Raine Maxwell and his sweet and bold human mate, Mariana Lopez is almost impossible to explain! These two about scorched my e-reader with their wild chemistry and soul deep connection. The push and pull about made my blood heat up in my veins and had me smiling and sighing from start to finish.

Finally learning about Raine and his family's ''curse" made him special in a way that other immortals in The Realm or outside of the Realm aren't. He is mysterious, sexy, possessive and learning about the details of his "curse" made him even more likable in my opinion. His strength and stubbornness and all around possessiveness and protectiveness made him hotter than I expected him to be. And Marianna is truly a phenomenal person and the certainly one of the most kind heroines in the series. I can see her in my mind's eye being a fantastic friend and she obviously is one great therapist with a heart that is so good and true. She is a great match for Raine and will definitely keep him on his toes for centuries to come! Raine and Marianna's novella was so good. Fast paced yes, but not lacking in sexiness, heat or danger. It sure kept me nibbling my bottom lip as I was turning the pages and all but purring with contentment from the moment I started it to the very last page. I STILL have a smile on my face and its all because Vampire was AMAZING! 


Saturday, April 3, 2021

ARC Review - Immortal Danger by Cynthia Eden!

 Immortal Danger by [Cynthia Eden]


Sexy shapeshifters and lots of suspense combine in this scintillating new paranormal novel from the author of "Midnight Sins" and "Hotter After Midnight."

Being Bullet Proof Sucks--Literally
Once, Maya Black was a kick-ass cop patrolling the streets of L.A. She still keeps the city safe, but nowadays her bad guys of choice include demons, werewolves, and assorted nocturnal scum. Something Maya knows a thing or two about. She's a vampire--and not thrilled about it. Payback meet bitch.

Adam Brody hopes Maya is as dangerous as they say she is. He needs her to help rescue his niece Cammie from a ruthless band of vamps, and he's willing to pay--in blood. Trusting her is another matter. Adam has never met a vampire who doesn't lie. Then again, he's never met anyone like Maya, who fills him with a desperate need that ignites into explosive, no-holds-barred encounters. . .


How in the ever loving heck did I miss out on Immortal Danger?! This book was AMAZING, like FIREWORKS AT THE FOURTH OF JULY AMAZING! 

First off, Maya was a total badass that I honestly had a girl crush on! She was tough as nails, smart, and even though she claimed she didn't she had a heart of gold. And Adam...WOWZA, he turned out to be a stupendous surprise. He has a secret that I down right found appealing. He was crazy old but after finding out his secret it just made him more sexy and dangerous in a way that really excited me. Him and Maya had the kind of chemistry that thrills and delights a reader. You can feel the delicious tension through the pages and I loved it!  And the danger and action that followed throughout the book just made it that much better. This book stole my breath and had my heart melting and swooning at every turn. This is a paranormal romance that will have readers (if they haven't read a book by Cynthia Eden yet) coming back BEGGING for more. SO. EFFING. GOOD.


ARC Review - Sheltered By The Sea Lord (Lords Of Atlantis #10) by Starla Night!

 Sheltered by the Sea Lord (Lords of Atlantis #10)


The exciting finale to a much loved series!

If they thought they could break her, they were wrong.
Sabotaged in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, computer security expert Starr is adrift and alone.
But she’s a survivor.
The world has been trying to kill her forever. She’s the original bubble girl. And just because she’s out of the plastic now doesn’t mean the bubble’s gone. It’s hidden deep inside, protecting her perfectly from all threats.
Except one.
The tattooed warrior who comes to her rescue is her opposite in every way. Eager where she’s cautious. Deliciously hot where she’s a cold-blooded realist. Passionate about saving his fellow warriors, whereas she…well, in some ways they are very much the same, actually.
But they have very different ideas of how to save the endangered mer.
He claims she’s his soul mate. That if he’s right, she can transform into a powerful mer queen and embrace a life she’s always desired.
But if he’s wrong?
She will die.
And so will his entire race.

Enjoy the explosive conclusion of the Lords of Atlantis series! This novel can be read as a standalone romance and contains fated mates, giant undersea battles, and a warrior who loves with his full heart. Read it now!


THE CONCLUSION TO THIS AMAZING, ONE OF A KIND SERIES WAS EVERYTHING! Sexy, heartfelt, emotional, sweet and heart pounding exciting, Sheltered By The Sea Lord made my heart feel soooo good and happy!

Gailen and Starr were honestly my second favorite couple in this delightful series! Gailen had a warrior's heart  that was strong, kind, patient and he was so sexy and charming. I really was enthralled by him! And Starr is such a great heroine as well. Her "shield" she puts up to protect herself from feeling is something I can totally relate to. She was so smart and seemed to fit Gailen like a perfect puzzle piece. Their story made me tear up at times, had me smiling and the adventures sure knocked my socks off! I never knew quite what to expect and I really liked that. I will sure miss these Lords Of Atlantis stories but I also can't wait to go back through and read them ALL again though. If you love Under The Sea adventures that are fun, sweet, sexy and full of surprises I highly recommend you pick up Starla Night's Lords Of Atlantis series. Each one is a standalone and each one is so much fun! 

Sheltered By The Sea Lord gets a HEARTFELT FIVE BUBBLY STARS! 

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A New King by Maria Luis Cover Reveal!

Release Date: June 25

Book 3 in the Broken Crown Series

This is not a hero’s tale.
Nor a hero’s journey.  
It’s mine.  
And I’ve never had any doubt that I’m going straight to hell.

A New King is the third and final book in the Broken Crown series. It cannot be read before Road To Fire or Sound of Madness. Intrigue. Grit. Soul-wrenching love. This is not your average royal romance. Enter if you dare.

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Meet Maria Luis

Maria Luis is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author.
Historian by day and romance novelist by night, Maria lives in New Orleans, and loves bringing the city's cultural flair into her books. When Maria isn't frantically typing with hot chocolate in hand, she can be found binging on reality TV, going on adventures with her other half and two pups, or plotting her next flirty romance.

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NetGalley eARC Review - Rebel's Karma (Dark Protectors #13) by Rebecca Zanetti!

 Rebel's Karma (Dark Protectors, #13)


There’s no denying destiny . . .

For too long, Benjamin Reese has masked his deadly skills and temper with loyalty and humor. A vampire-demon hybrid, he fiercely protects his family, guards his brothers, and destroys the enemy without mercy. But when he discovers one fragile, beautiful blonde—a woman once mated to a Kurjan, no less—every primal instinct he has buried for centuries roars to life. With the mating mark she roused on his hand entwining their fates, no one will prevent him from keeping her safe and making her his, forever . . .

Or desire . . .

Karma wishes she could remember her last name. Or if she even had one. All she has in this confusing new world is a desperate duty to save the innocent. That means destroying the dark, dangerous, and desirable Benjamin Reese and everything he loves—an impossible task even before his touch arouses a passionate hunger she can’t afford. She’s certain a deadly enemy watches her every move, but it’s not until Benny kisses her that she tastes true danger…


Benny sure tuned out to be one of the most loved, funny, sweet, crazy and irresistible heroes EVER in the Dark Protector world!

I wasn't expecting to love Benny as much as I did, but I really couldn't resist him. There was something almost easy going and kind behind his uniquely crazy and entertaining personality that I adored completely! And I think Karma brought out the very best in him even more so. I was equally charmed by Karma as I was for Benny too. She was brave, smart, honest and perfect. If there was a complete and utter perfect and kind heroine ever to be born in a book, Karma is it! Karma and Benny as a mated pair make me insanely happy.

Rebel's Karma was intense, amusing, sexy and full of danger and humor. It was fascinating seeing the inner Kurjan and Cyst territory from Karma's perspective. I feel we get a really good look at how dangerous and deadly they are and how important the Seven is to taking them and Ulric down for good. I am in awe of this book and am so looking forward to Sam's and Garrett's stories! These books are truly fantastic!

Rebel's Karma gets a WILDLY CRAZY AND ENTERTAINING FIVE BLAZING HOT STARS! If there is one book in the whole Dark Protector series that should be praised again and again, it should be Rebel's Karma. This book was AWESOME!

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ARC Review - The Fae King's Prize (Between Dawn & Dusk Book 3) by Jamie Schlosser!

 The Fae King's Prize (Between Dawn and Dusk #3)


When I wake up at a female auction in a world I don’t recognize, all I can think about is getting back home to Texas. I want absolutely nothing to do with a realm called Valora, magic, faeries, or being sold to the highest bidder.

But the Day Realm king has other plans.

Zander says I’m his fated mate. I don’t believe him. That doesn’t stop him from tricking me into marrying him, though. It doesn’t matter if I argue or run—he won’t let me go.

I should hate him. Instead, I find myself ridiculously attracted to the stubborn, broody man. Sometimes he terrifies me, so I don’t know why his rare smiles give me warm tingles or why his arms make me feel safe.

Everything about Valora is confusing, but after just a short time here, I realize something—this place is full of dangers that are way more frightening than my new husband, and staying by his side just might be my only option.



Sexy to the max, passionate beyond words and with one jaw dropping adventure after another in between bouts of swoon worthy romance, The Fae King's Prize is 100% spectacular! Zander is so broody and sexy that he made me equal parts infuriated and hot and bothered. He was like what catnip is to cats to me, IRRISTIBLE! And I found his beast form to be absolutely awesome and incredible. And Maelyn is so sweet and lovable and I loved her right off the bat. She was such a brave and compassionate and strong willed heroine I couldn't help but think she really was King Zander's perfect match. 

Zander and Mae's story was sensational. I loved how Zander found Mae and what he did to make her his. And his broody and possessive ways was hotter than anything I could of expected. The action and danger sped up my heart but seeing the incredible romance bloom slow and hot was my favorite part. And I REALLY enjoyed the fact that we got more....story than sex. Don't get me wrong I love some sexy times, but sometimes I feel like there is too much sex in romances anymore than actual story. So I think Jamie did a absolute AMAZING job with writing a romance that had more story with some sexy times here and there instead of every other chapter. But oh my, those sexy times were sure filled with some MAJOR heat!  Zander turned out to be quite a dominant hero. I LOVED IT! 

The Fae King's Prize gets a SHOW STOPPING 10 SHOOTING STARS! This book has it all and I want to shout it out to the rooftops!