Sunday, June 30, 2013

ARC Review of The Silver Chain by Primula Bond

Another Sunday rolls around which means another review goes up. Today's Review is for The Silver Chain by Primula Bond (Book One of The Unbreakable Trilogy). I was pre-approved through Netgalley to read this and I have to say, at first I was a bit nervous about reading this because I didn't really care for Fifty Shades. But I was pleasantly surprised and I thought this read was pretty good read. I gave this book a Three out of Five Stars. If you enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series then I definitely think you will enjoy this book.


Bound by passion, she was powerless to resist.

The Silver Chain is the first in the sexy, passionate and addictive Unbreakable Trilogy by Primula Bond.

One dark evening in London, photographer Serena Folkes is indulging her impulsive side with a night-time shoot. But someone is watching her – mysterious entrepreneur Gustav Levi. Serena doesn’t know it yet, but this handsome stranger will change her life forever…

Serena is fascinated by Gustav, the enigmatic owner of the Levi Gallery, and she soon feels an irresistible pull of attraction. The interest is mutual, and Gustav promises to launch Serena’s photographic career at his gallery, but only if Serena agrees to become his exclusive companion.

To mark their agreement, Gustav gives Serena a bracelet to wear at all times. Attached to it is a silver chain of which he is the keeper. With the chain Gustav controls Serena physically and symbolically – a sign that she is under his power.

As their passionate relationship intensifies, Gustav’s hold on the silver chain grows stronger. But will Gustav’s dark past tear them apart?

Even though I didn't really care for Fifty Shades, I have to admit this book intrigued me. I like how its set up, and the storyline is a strong one. I really liked seeing Serena's curiosity toward Gustav and his unique gallery. Its filled with a bit of humor sprinkled with a cup or two of eroticism. It is about a woman exploring her sexuality into the world of BDSM with Gustav's help. There is a bit of voyeurism involved with this book but I thought it added to the story. A very good first book in the Series and even though I only gave this a Three Stars I truly believe people that LOVED, and I mean LOVED the Fifty Shades of Grey Series will definitely find a new winner in this new series by Primula Bond. I highly urge ALL Fifty Shades of Grey fans and Crossfire Fans to check this out. If you hit up Amazon, I believe this book is up on pre-order for a wonderfully low price!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review of Governmental Affairs (Governmental Secrets Part 1) by Cleo Taurus and Ava Snow

YES! HUMP DAY IS HERE! And so is another review. Today's Review is by two very talented authors, Cleo Taurus and Ava Snow. Their book is Governmental Affairs (Governmental Secrets Part 1). What a absolutely delicious and wicked read it was for sure! Filled with two stunning men, plenty of awe-inspiring sex, nasty ex's and jealousy, the worst kind of villain imagined. I gave this a Three and a half out of Five Stars.
Marcus Davion is a successful, driven man with only his work and his family on his mind. That is until he meets someone that fires his passion like no other.

Ryan Owens is a hard working man who has little time for any kind of life outside his job.

One single night changes that.

Passionate, loving, the two are soon involved in a scorching red-hot affair. Determined to be together, they finally learn to make time for something other than work and they are the perfect couple.

Until their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten to destroy what they have built.
Even though this story was short it didn't lack in depth and passion in the least. I freaking absolutely LOVED the ending and thought it made the perfect ending to a story I didn't think had much in villains other then jealousy between these scrumptious looking men. How I love when a story comes together in a way that leaves me wanting to know what happens next! It grasped me and had me saying, "NOOOO, IT CAN'T END HERE!" I was appalled but at the same time I totally approved of the way these two authors had written it and wanted to applaud them too. If your in the mood for a short read and enjoy the M/m relationship then I suggest you pick this up.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review of Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti

WOO HOO! Today is Sunday and you know what that means. Time for another Review!! Todays Review is for Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti. Its from her delicious paranormal romance series, Dark Protectors. This is a novella about Maggie a shape shifter who was kidnapped by the evil Kurjans who experimented on her then was rescued by a group of vampires who are out to protect their vampire and shifter realms.  Terrent Vilks finds Maggie in the vampires care and is the apparent mate-to-be of Maggie. She has been missing for years and has no memory of what her life was like before the Kurjans kidnapped her and its up to Terrent to remind her.
In human form, Terrent Vilks is all male animal--dark, ripped, predatory. As wolf, he's unforgettably dangerous, unforgettably hot. Yet Maggie can't remember him. . .. Not even when she learns she once agreed to mate him. Yeah, that was years ago, before she was kidnapped and tortured, before she lost her memory. Now she knows just one thing about herself--she'll do whatever it takes to bring down the monsters who took her, even trust her ex.  He's got her right where he wants her. . .

 I fell in love with this series a short time ago and I am officially hooked on this paranormal romp. I had looked forward to Maggie's and Terrent's story since meeting them in earlier books and I was intrigued on where their love life would lead when giving their own story. Its a fast paced adventure full of slight humor, a sexy alpha male, a clumsy yet sassy heroine and plenty of passion to scorch you as your reading. I love the fact that Terrent has a Scottish brogue and truly thought he was a male of worth with his strength, loyalty, and love he had for this beautiful, vulnerable woman that had no memories of their life before her kidnapping. This deserves a Four out of Five Stars! You will fall head over heels for Terrent and you too will wish you could be Maggie for a short time just to feel what its like to fall in love all over again with this sexy, sometimes irritating alpha. If you haven't checked out this series you absolutely MUST!! I highly doubt you will regret it. Until next time, have a great Sunday and Happy Reading!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review of The Accidental Hedonist by Tim Goodwood

     Today I decided to sneak in a review and boy, its much different than most of the romances I have rated and reviewed. Its certainly one of the most HARDEST books I had to rate as of yet as well. This isn't so much a romance as a man's discovery and exploration of his sexuality. It had me laughing at points and shaking my head at others. But it also had me...intrigued too.
British boy, Tim Goodwood, doesn't know what to make of his ever growing sexuality. Several fumbling encounters with his bum hole lead him on a startling journey of self discovery with the opposite sex in various and completely inappropriate places that lead to serious consequences of a cock-blocking nature.

This is Tim's POV and it was at times exhilarating and downright laughable as he went about exploring what he liked in sex. It took me a long while to settle with a rating. After a couple of sleepless nights and days pondering what to give this book, I decided in the end the one that had me the most comfortable was a Three out of Five Stars. This is a unique story and I am definitely wondering what else will happen in Part 2. This book should not be taken lightly though. It is about a man finding his own way around his sexuality and exploring every possibility. Its funny, arousing, and just downright interesting.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review for Haunting Melody St. Claire by Dawn Montgomery and Ditter Kellen

Today is Sunday so I would like very much to wish each and every father or grandfather a VERY wonderful Father's Day!
Now its time for todays review which is for one heck of a fantastic story by Ditter Kellen and Dawn Montgomery, Haunting Melody St. Claire! I gave this a Five out of Five Stars! A brilliant short story with such amazing passion and even a few touching moments.

Melody St. Claire doesn’t believe in ghosts. Until a fire destroys her whole world, forcing her into a beautiful haunted house and the territorial domain of one very real, incredibly mysterious resident spirit.

Sexy Travis Santiago haunts the walls of his family home. Resigned to being alone, he merely exists in a place between the living and the dead until the frustrating little brunette enters his life and his heart. He can give her what she needs, if she would just believe.

The passion he ignites threatens to consume her, heart and soul, but may not be enough to hold back the nightmares. And Melody can’t possibly hope to spend forever with a man who is already dead.

I absolutely LOVED this cover! When I realized one of my favorite authors, Laurann Dohner recommended this book, I knew I just HAD to get it. I was so happy with this story. It was touching and had me glued to my Nook biting my lip wondering what was going to happen next. It had a touch of mystery which just made it that much more enchanting, with a sexy ghost man that was determined to help Melody through her turmoil and to help her realize that she too, was dead but also wanted her to know she was not alone and he showed her, passionately. I had a few tears over some of the touching moments when she finally found out she was dead and she had to make a choice, between going with her parents to the other side, or stay with Travis who even in death, loved this vulnerable and gorgeous woman. A true treat! I hope to see many more books by these amazing authors.
Well, that is it today. I hope you found this review helpful and will give this glorious short story a try especially if you loved books by Laurann Dohner. I am just about positive you will enjoy Ditter Kellen and Dawn Montgomery too.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Venice Vampyr 4 Sensual Danger by Tina Folsom Review

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am reviewing one of my favorite books in the Venice Vampyr Series by Tina Folsom, Sensual Danger! This is the fourth short story in the series and one of my personal favorites. I absolutely couldn't get enough and wished that this book was a bit longer because it was just incredible. Nico was one of my favorite heroes and had me wishing he was real and Oriana was such a spirited and sassy woman that had me chuckling and rooting for her in the book. I give this a Five out of Five Stars!
Venice, Italy - early 1800s

When vampire Nico purchases a house to further his fellow vampires' goal of creating a secure compound within Venice, he doesn't expect to get a headstrong wife in the bargain. He plans to send her to the mainland after their wedding night so he can continue his debauched bachelor life.

But when he meets the unexpectedly beautiful Oriana for the first time, his plans are forgotten. However, Oriana would rather pursue her scientific research than play the submissive wife to her new husband.

When Nico finds out that his wife has secrets that could endanger not only him, but the entire vampire population of Venice, he has to make a choice: get rid of her, or seduce her to join his side. Luckily, seduction is what Nico does best ...

Nico and Oriana made such a splendid pair. You had this gorgeous scientific young woman that wanted to prove that vampires exist while trying to keep her passion she had at bay for her sexy new husband, only to find out that he was also a vampyr. Nico didn't want a wife and planned on sending Oriana away until he met her. But when he seen how gorgeous she was, he just couldn't resist and just HAD to have her, and keep her. When he found out it was his wife that had this machine that could detect vampires, he knew it was up to him to save himself and his fellow vampyrs from discovery so he knew to do that he had to seduce her. He did not however, expect to fall in love. This book has EVERYTHING you could want in a paranormal romance. A hot vampyr, a beautiful young woman with a fiery spirit and passion to match, danger lurking in the shadows and sex that is gloriously steamy it will take your breath away. Tina Folsom writes the BEST vampyr romances that will have you BEGGING for more. I certainly hope there will be many more in this series! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review of Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood

          Good Evening everyone. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Eternal Immortality, the second book in the Eternal Series by K.S. Haigwood. I absolutely loved the second installment. I really enjoy the characters and liked seeing a lot of them in the second book. You got to see Abe still and Ariana and of course, you get to watch Rainey's love interest finally blossom.
Eternal Island is heaven on Earth. Love blossoms between witches and vampires, and none are happier than the King and Queen. Shortly after the wedding, the party is interrupted by a desolate plea. A man is in trouble, and soon an army is sent to his rescue — but is he who he claims to be? Unbeknown to Abe and Ariana, a cauldron of trouble bubbles to the surface and terrible things begin to happen to innocent islanders. Dodging love triangles and intrigue, could the young Queen find the strength necessary to save her kingdom and the world, too? When the King begins to crumble and evil has won, would pure love be enough to save the whole of humanity from destruction? Read this story with a Tiger’s Eye stone in one hand and a strong faith in your heart. Cross your fingers and toes and hope for a miracle on Evil’s finest winning day.
This book was another great adventure on Eternal Island. You get to laugh, cry, sigh, and dream with all your favorite characters from the first book. It was a adventure that had me glued to my seat until I finished it. I gave this a Four out of Five Stars. This book has so much going on that I never got bored. Constant drama when it came to love, danger around every corner, humor and wit that will have you downright laughing out loud and sigh worthy passionate love scenes that will leave you breathless. Honestly I couldn't ask for more in a book, especially a paranormal romance book. I have high hopes for the other books in this series and I know the author will no doubt bring more of that special something that makes these books unique with each new installment. A definite MUST read!