Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review of Governmental Affairs (Governmental Secrets Part 1) by Cleo Taurus and Ava Snow

YES! HUMP DAY IS HERE! And so is another review. Today's Review is by two very talented authors, Cleo Taurus and Ava Snow. Their book is Governmental Affairs (Governmental Secrets Part 1). What a absolutely delicious and wicked read it was for sure! Filled with two stunning men, plenty of awe-inspiring sex, nasty ex's and jealousy, the worst kind of villain imagined. I gave this a Three and a half out of Five Stars.
Marcus Davion is a successful, driven man with only his work and his family on his mind. That is until he meets someone that fires his passion like no other.

Ryan Owens is a hard working man who has little time for any kind of life outside his job.

One single night changes that.

Passionate, loving, the two are soon involved in a scorching red-hot affair. Determined to be together, they finally learn to make time for something other than work and they are the perfect couple.

Until their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten to destroy what they have built.
Even though this story was short it didn't lack in depth and passion in the least. I freaking absolutely LOVED the ending and thought it made the perfect ending to a story I didn't think had much in villains other then jealousy between these scrumptious looking men. How I love when a story comes together in a way that leaves me wanting to know what happens next! It grasped me and had me saying, "NOOOO, IT CAN'T END HERE!" I was appalled but at the same time I totally approved of the way these two authors had written it and wanted to applaud them too. If your in the mood for a short read and enjoy the M/m relationship then I suggest you pick this up.

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