Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review for Haunting Melody St. Claire by Dawn Montgomery and Ditter Kellen

Today is Sunday so I would like very much to wish each and every father or grandfather a VERY wonderful Father's Day!
Now its time for todays review which is for one heck of a fantastic story by Ditter Kellen and Dawn Montgomery, Haunting Melody St. Claire! I gave this a Five out of Five Stars! A brilliant short story with such amazing passion and even a few touching moments.

Melody St. Claire doesn’t believe in ghosts. Until a fire destroys her whole world, forcing her into a beautiful haunted house and the territorial domain of one very real, incredibly mysterious resident spirit.

Sexy Travis Santiago haunts the walls of his family home. Resigned to being alone, he merely exists in a place between the living and the dead until the frustrating little brunette enters his life and his heart. He can give her what she needs, if she would just believe.

The passion he ignites threatens to consume her, heart and soul, but may not be enough to hold back the nightmares. And Melody can’t possibly hope to spend forever with a man who is already dead.

I absolutely LOVED this cover! When I realized one of my favorite authors, Laurann Dohner recommended this book, I knew I just HAD to get it. I was so happy with this story. It was touching and had me glued to my Nook biting my lip wondering what was going to happen next. It had a touch of mystery which just made it that much more enchanting, with a sexy ghost man that was determined to help Melody through her turmoil and to help her realize that she too, was dead but also wanted her to know she was not alone and he showed her, passionately. I had a few tears over some of the touching moments when she finally found out she was dead and she had to make a choice, between going with her parents to the other side, or stay with Travis who even in death, loved this vulnerable and gorgeous woman. A true treat! I hope to see many more books by these amazing authors.
Well, that is it today. I hope you found this review helpful and will give this glorious short story a try especially if you loved books by Laurann Dohner. I am just about positive you will enjoy Ditter Kellen and Dawn Montgomery too.

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