Thursday, June 29, 2017

ARC Review -Can't Let Go by Molly McLain!


Reed Fletcher has spent years perfecting his reputation as River Bend's most shameless player. Don't confuse him with a heartless asshole--he's just honest about what he wants and he'll do anything to get it. Being born under less than perfect circumstances has given him no other choice.

Everyone has a story... 

Mia Carderas has used her sweet and sexy demeanor to get everything she could possibly want out of life. Or so she lets everyone believe. When her father falls ill back home, that carefully constructed fa├žade begins to crack. The only way to keep it together is to accept help from a former friend...and more recent lover. A man who knows more than he should--a man who could ruin it all if she isn't careful.

Everyone has a weakness... 

Finding a balance between what Reed wants and what Mia needs proves harder than he expected. With every slow blink and every shared moment, he loses more of himself to her...willingly. Maybe neither of them is who they've pretended to be. But where exactly does that leave them when it all comes crashing down?


I LOOOOOVE this cover! Soft, sexy, sweet, it is the FIRST thing I noticed and had me instantly intrigued. But the story, the romance, the sexy scenes is what really took my breath away and left my heart happy. Its this kind of romance that can make me sappy. Its beautifully written with adoring characters a great storyline, soft and balanced plot and is just GOOD!

Molly McLain is a fanfreakingtastic author! Can't Let Go has sexy, crackling with heat scenes that just left me squirming and biting my lip....I think I even MOANED a time or two. OMG a book that can make me moan is a MUST HAVE book. I am addicted to this particular story and Reed is one succulent hero and Mia is full of surprises. Reed and Mia together though blew my mind and I CHERISHED IT! 

Can't Let Go is a SWEET, SEXY, GIVE ME THAT I MUST READ IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Molly McLain is VERY talented author and KNOWS how to write perfect romances that can make you SWOON!

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