Thursday, June 22, 2017

Losing Grip Book Tour with ARC Review

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Have you purchased your copy of LOSING GRIP by Zoe Blackwood? 


LOSING GRIP by Zoe Blackwood
Desert Pleasures Series
Fiercely independent and successful civil litigation attorney Kristine is used to taking charge and remaining under control. Life for her went according to plan, then it all fell apart.
Her break up with fellow attorney, Layne, leaves her shaken. She'd never imagined herself that capable of feeling that out of control.
A meeting with the owner of a discreet male escort service leads to a rather unusual relationship with male escort Nic Adair. The simplicity of their relationship appeals to her fear of intimacy. As the foundation of her confidence wanes, can Nic help Kristine restore balance in her life? Or is he just a distraction?
Learning to love and trust again may be too big a risk for Kristine. When a strange pattern of anonymous threats against her emerge, she will have to learn to trust the people in her life. Will her faith in herself and those that love her be restored? Or will everything cause her life to spin out of control? ​


A super hot, sexy, ultra fan-myself-and-dunk-myself-in-cold-water romance that flares in a bright and beautiful way with a likable heroine, a delectable hero and one heck of a mind-blowing romance!

The first thing that catches the eye is the colors and the scene on the cover. It calls to my inner romantic and just had me biting my lip and wanting to stroke it, while the blurb just had me instantly intrigued. The story itself is what really won me over. Its full of sparks, sexy times, great banter and a wonderful plot. I enjoyed the overall telling of the story and I just LOVED the hero most of all! A definite must read!

Losing Grip gets a SERIOUSLY STEAMY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its too good to pass up.

 Desert Pleasures Series BOXSET:

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About the Desert Pleasures series:
 Alicia Porter owns an exclusive and discreet male escort service for women called, Desert Pleasures.The clientele is unique, hand selected by Alicia herself, so her escorts are also not the standard for the industry, but rather something deliciously sinful. The first four books in the series are introductions to the escorts, as well as the clientele (Losing Grip). Since these books feature different characters, they can be read in any order. Several books have character crossovers. Sexual and emotional discovery is a common thread in all of the novels. They can be enjoyed in any order and are intended for a mature audience.

Zoe Blackwood is a pseudonym for author, Kim Streible. She resides in Kentucky, surrounded by various wildlife and dogs, because as long as she can remember, there's always been a dog in the house. She hates getting lost on back country roads and sushi. She loves Batman, music and 80's romantic comedies.

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