Monday, June 5, 2017

ARC Review - Bond (Pierce Security 6) by Anne Conely!


This has got to be one of the weirdest relationships on the books. 

Deena Rae is a loner, a strong independent woman who needs nobody, with the possible exception of Mr. Fine Ass, with whom she’s begun a strange courtship. He’s certainly a nice diversion from her new job with Pierce Securities and her first solo gig with the company.

Slade is in debt to a man nobody wants to owe, his sperm donor just died, and somehow, Deena Rae knows the half-brother Slade’s never met. Slade can’t keep his eyes off his gorgeous bitch of a neighbor who keeps her drapes open, even when she’s “entertaining.” He’s told her, though, he’s a train wreck and they shouldn’t get involved. 

Now Deena Rae is riding Slade’s train all the way to the end, whether she likes it or not. Slade is working for her mark, and her mark suddenly wants her dead.

And Slade’s the man who’s got to do it.


HOTNESS GALORE WITH DANGER, SUSPENSE, FANTASTIC BANTER, A KICK-BUTT HEROINE AND A SEX ON A STICK BAD BOY HERO! So this is only my third Pierce book I have read but THIS one RIGHT HERE is an absolute FAVORITE FOR SURE. Deena Rae is a completely different type of heroine that knows how to kick butt and is tough and almost scary bad a**. I really liked how she handles things and how she takes no crap from anyone. And Slade...WOW! Sexy, protective, sweet and seemed to be in a pickle, he didn't disappoint either. And the chemistry...WAY OFF THE CHARTS HOT! 

The sexual tension and passion between Slade and Deena Rae was incredibly steamy, sexy, and just HOT as F**K! Seriously I nearly went up in flames with some of the scenes. And when it comes to the danger and action...matched perfectly with the romance. It was downright ELECTRIC! I now CAN'T WAIT to go back and read the books I have missed in this series because DAMN I am HOOKED on these Pierce Security books.

Anne Conely had me LOVING this book from chapter 1. She wrote a great story with phenomenal characters, wonderful writing, and HOT HOT HOT romance and heart thumping action. I give Bond a SERIOUSLY AWESOME FIVE SHOOTING STARS!

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