Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ARC Review Sacrificed To The Sea Lord by Starla Night!


Hot mermen are coming! These tattooed shifters are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race!

Steadfast mer king Kadir has endured ridicule, banishment, and undersea prison for his belief that modern human women will save their dwindling race. Freed to found a city of mermen shifters who share his beliefs, he sets out to the surface to woo his bride. And sweet, sensual Elyssa is his.

Elyssa can’t even match her socks. How can she rule an undersea kingdom? But when King Kadir holds her in his bulging, silver-tattooed arms and claims her as his soul mate, deep down the shy introvert holds big dreams. Maybe his magical elixir will transform her into more than just a mousy, water-breathing version of herself. Maybe it will make her into an exceptional woman worthy to be a queen.

All is not well in the fragile new city, and it will take every ounce of Elyssa’s bright courage and Kadir’s unshakeable faith to prove humans and mer shifters can live in harmony. Someone will stop at nothing to end this experiment. And they have deadly allies...


Another soul shattering, AMAZING, Sweet, and yes, sexy romance with another SUPER GORGEOUS merman! OMG Starla Night has did it AGAIN with Sacrificed To The Sea Lord. She has made me fall in LOVE with the story, the characters, the sea all in the space of a few sentences. These merman are 100% ADDICTING! An old-world charm with gorgeous bodies, protective sides that will have you swooning, and the way they can make love to their queens just leave my heart truly happy and sighing in bliss!

Kadir may be a bit different than Torun...since he is a King to Atlantis, he is a bit more hard...until he meets Elyssa. He then seduced her and cared for her and treated her SO FREAKING GOOD. Not that he was mean or anything before..he was just cordial and nice but as he gets to know Elyssa he ended up being a real AWE-MAZING merman. Elyssa was to me, downright endearing with her clumsiness. She was kind-hearted, smart, sweet, strong and every time she messed up and Kadir stood up for her, I just melted more. This romance is so beautiful and brings all sorts of wonderful feelings to the surface and the danger...ELECTRIFYING and had me on the edge. 

Starla Night sweeps me away in a beautiful world under the sea that truly is peaceful. It brings an inner peace to me and I can't help but to ADORE the way Miss Night created such beauty. Best mermaid story ever! I give Sacrificed To The Sea Lord an AMAZINGLY SWEET FIVE SHOOTING STARS! If I could give it more I a freaking underwater HEARTBEAT! 

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