Thursday, June 22, 2017

ARC Review - Seductively Spellbound (Spells That Bind 3) by Cassandra Lawson!


When Gryph walked out of her life, Julia expected to quickly forget the far too arrogant werewolf. Months later, he’s still starring prominently in her naughtiest dreams. Tired of waiting for Gryph to come around, she decides to take matters into her own hands. When Julia is suddenly in need of a bodyguard, she knows just who to call. With Gryph back in her life, Julia decides it’s time to seduce the sexy werewolf.

A job offer to protect a sassy witch is a temptation Gryph isn’t sure he wants to deal with. He knows being around Julia will be a struggle for both the man and the wolf in him. Still, he can’t trust anyone else to keep her safe. He’s also tired of dreaming of the woman he knows to be his mate. Now, he just needs to focus on two things: proving to the little witch she can’t live without him and keeping her alive.


So seductive, so sexy, Seductively Spellbound took me on a journey of magic, passion, incredibly HOT and erotic sexy times that left me breathless and nibbling my lips, sighing and squirming deliciously with one AMAZINGLY sexy and slightly grumpy werewolf who took possession to a whole new level that ONLY Cassandra Lawson can write up. Even though Gryph has one arm, I felt like he was the most incredibly strong, protective, caring, and sinful werewolf EVER written! While Julia is beautiful, sassy, wonderfully sweet, yet seems to be the kind of woman and witch, you just wish you knew in real life. 

These two characters stole my heart from the moment they were introduced in previous Spells That Bind books. Gryph's grumpiness and yes, the way he seemed to growl often was such a turn on for me. And the way she glared and snapped back at him, I could definitely FEEL the sexual tension and as Julia seduces Gryph, I fell more and more in love with their romance. Mixed in was some seriously great on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, danger, and action! It was scary, thrilling and had me HOOKED! And that sexy werewolf was so determined to protect and convince Julia of the fact that she was indeed, his mate, while protecting her was so damn HOT and had my heart melting. And the sex...HOT FREAKING DAMN WAS IT EVER GOOD! Seductively Spellbound is MY NEW FAVORITE IN THIS SERIES!

Seductively Spellbound gets a DELICIOUSLY SEXY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It was beautifully written. Cassandra Lawson outdid herself with this book and I am EAGER to see where else she will go from here. An absolute MUST READ!

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