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ARC Review, Interview, and Excerpt of Two For Tamara by Elle Boon

Rafe and Vin, had been best friends for thousands of years. They were part of an elite group called the Ravens of War, and were made up of twelve men created by Zeus. When they were no longer needed on Olympus, they’d been sent to Earth to find happiness, and hopefully their Fated.
For Tamara she’d given up finding that one man meant just for her, having the ability to see the future ran in her family. So when she saw her own death, she set out to enjoy what she had left. That didn’t include two larger than life men who claimed she was their one.
Cronus pulled Tamara to Hell, and planned to use her as leverage to get his granddaughter, Selena, whose Tamara’s best friend to bargain for her life.
Rafe, Vin and all the Ravens need the help of the gods and goddesses from Olympus to save not only Tamara, but Earth itself.
If this was how she was going to die, Tamara was okay with it. In fact, she was ready to sign the papers right then and there.
The feel of a hot, hard body covering her again, and something much larger than fingers or a tongue between her thighs, brought her eyes flying open to see Rafe poised above her. He had that monster he’d assured her would fit, in his right hand, but it was the anxiety in his eyes that gave her the courage to raise her arms and welcome him into her body.
“I’ll go slowly,” he promised.
She nodded. The head was flushed a deep purple, and as he slipped between her thighs she fell back and closed her eyes.
“Hey. Look at me.” Vin turned her face to him. His hand went between her and Rafe.
She was sure she couldn’t come again, that her clit was too sensitive to be touched, but Vin’s fingers proved her wrong.
Rafe entered her an inch at a time. So slowly, she swore it would take him forever before he was fully seated. With Vin playing with her clit, and sucking on her breasts, she didn’t feel any pain, only a slight burn that turned to complete bliss. She wanted to have him fill her completely. Her hips lifted and pressed forward to get his thick shaft deeper, until every inch of him was in her. Finally, when his groin was flush with hers, she stared up into his dark-as-night eyes and realized she wanted to spend forever with these two amazing men. She turned to see Vin was propped up on his elbow staring at them. She reached out to pull him into a deep kiss, wanting him to be connected to her too. She cursed the fates, for allowing her to come to the realization that she was completely and totally in love with not one, but two men, only to take it all away so soon.
With a groan, Rafe started thrusting, going deep and then pulling out. She loved the sound of their flesh slapping, loved the feel of his balls hitting her rear on every downward stroke. Gods, but she actually enjoyed having Vin’s finger there too.
Tamara was lost to everything, except the sensation of lips and tongue, and being filled and loved by two men. Time didn’t matter, her world narrowed down to being with Rafe and Vin, to how it felt to finally know what love was.
Each time Rafe withdrew she whimpered, and then gasped as he pushed back inside. His thrusts sped up. Her body became attuned to his, taking everything he offered and wanting more. She closed her eyes, feeling the tug of Vin’s mouth on her breasts, sending an echo to her clit. The orgasm she was sure she’d not reach again was close.
“Come for me, omorfia mou,” Rafe whispered. And just like that the tingle started in her toes, and worked its way up.
“Yes, god…yes,” she screamed.
Vin released her nipple with a pop.
Rafe continued to thrust his hips, his hands holding her thighs wide until he too groaned out his own satisfaction. He bent and kissed Tamara long and hard. “S’agapo,” he murmured.
As Rafe rolled to the side of the bed Vin wasted no time. She expected him to be a gentle lover, but wasn’t surprised to find he was every bit as large as Rafe, and a bit impatient.
“Good, god almighty. Seriously?” Tamara wasn’t sure how he or Rafe packed all that into their jeans.
“We are size appropriate, love.” Vin winked.
She raised her hands and held them apart. “That is size appropriate.”
Vin stuck his bottom lip out. “Can we discuss this later?”
Tamara laughed. He was just too darn cute.
He dropped down on top of her and rolled. She was still laughing when he sat her astride him. “Do you know how to ride, darling?”
“I think I can figure it out.” She placed her hands on his muscular chest. Neither he nor Rafe had any hair on their chests, but both had a happy trail leading to their groins.
She worried first one, then the other flat male nipple with her tongue, then nipped it with her teeth.
He gripped her hips with his large hands, and while she was rubbing back and forth, teasing them both, he plunged inside her in one swift push.
“Fuck, yes,” he groaned.
“Oh, Vin…” Tamara tossed her head back. He stretched her, gave her no respite. His hands lifted her and brought her back down. He set up a punishing rhythm. And she relished it, sliding down his cock as if he was big enough to split her in two. Only he and Rafe were right. They were made for her, and she was made for them.
Vin groaned, the sound so carnal she knew he was close. His head was tipped back, the cords of muscles in his neck stood out. She had an urge to lean forward and bite him. A hand at her back, pressing her forward, settled the internal debate.
A finger rubbed against her ass, but the pounding of Vin in her pussy and the constant friction against her clit, had her close to coming again.
Two For Tamara is a paranormal romance thrill ride that left me laughing, sighing, squirming, and entertained until the last page. Its the second book in Elle Boon's Ravens Of War Series and I have to say, the BEST one so far. I LOVED Tamara, Vin, and Rafe!
I thought everything flowed more smoothly and was evenly spaced out in this second book. Its a powerful story with a lot of character and some funny moments, and some extremely sensual ones too.
 I loved getting to know each of these Ravens and I think Vin and Rafe are so far, my favorites. They complimented each other so well. I liked also how you could feel the passion crackling between Vin, Tamara, and Rafe.
Miss Boon also brought on some new and interesting characters in here as well that I am looking forward to reading more about.
It was too easy giving Two for Tamara a full FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS. I liked everything about this second book and can't find one thing to make me think that this should of been anything less then a five star. I can NOT wait for the next book. I hope it gets here soon because I am already dying of anticipation. If you haven't picked Two for Tamara up yet, I suggest you high-tale it to Bookstrand for your copy today. You will no doubt LOVE this book!

Make sure to check out my interview with Miss Elle Boon down below! You won't want to miss out on that!


Today I have the pleasure of having the author of the Ravens of War Series, Miss Elle Boone with us! Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with me to answer a few questions.

Thank you so much for having me. I absolutely love talking lol. And, the Ravens are one of my favorite topics *WEG*

1. For those who are new to you and your series, can you give them a description of your Ravens of War books and where they can find them?
The Ravens are a group of warriors that were created by Zeus thousands of years ago to help him fight his father Cronus. When they were no longer needed they were sent to Earth with the hope they’d find their Fated. The first book is Selena’s Men, which are twins Max and Malcolm King the leaders of the Ravens and Selena Ramos. You can purchase this title on Siren, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other ebook sites. The second book is Two For Tamara. This is Selena’s best friend and Rafe and Vin’s story who are fellow Ravens. Their story takes off after the first book. It just released from Siren on May 21, 2014. Siren keeps all titles for up to 4 weeks and then releases to other vendors. I’m currently over 90% finished with book 3 tentatively titles Jaklyn’s Saviors and have a partial for book 4 tentatively titled Talia’s Heroes. All the books in my Ravens will be ménage, but there are a couple stories that may branch off that may be MMF and MF J

2.  How many more books can we expect with this Series?
There are twelve Ravens and so far they are all paired up, making it six books. However, there are other characters that have popped up such as Balky who I truly believe will need his own story. Once you read Jaklyn’s story I hope and pray my readers will fall in love with another set of characters that I already started partials for them too. So, who knows, but for the Ravens there is six maybe seven for sure

3. Can you tell us whose book in the Ravens of War is up next?
 Jaklyn and her men Coltrain Mercury and Grayson Phine are next followed by Talia Marx with Garrick Theon and Thantos Odysseus. You will love Jaklyn’s story, it’s completely different than the first two, a little darker and the bad guy is not the same. I have added some light hearted aspects that I hope the readers will find themselves laughing out loud to, but I wanted to make sure when you read each book you don’t think “Same story different names”. I’m 100% positive you will not think that will any of my stories J  

4.  Which  character of yours is your favorite and can you tell us why he/she is your favorite?
 I can honestly say Zeus is my favorite so far. For me I love mythology, but I wanted to take this larger than life god and make him likeable, so that’s what I did. He is still kick ass and gorgeous and all those attributes, but he’s funny and loveable. Hey, this is my story hehehe. 

5. Are you planning on writing other books that are not paranormal romance related?
 I actually have written a couple contemporary and I do plan to tweak them and make them better someday. I also have a series that is almost NA that is very close to me. It centers around a group of guys and follows them from senior year of high school and I’ve plotted all the way to their late twenties. It has some real issues, like suicide, drugs, and prison that they as a group have had to face. This is a series that I plan to tackle later this year, and work on because all these have happened to those close to me, I just to flesh it out more.

6. What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?
EVERYTHING except promo. I love interacting with the readers, I love the writing. I absolutely love doing release party interactions, they are awesome. I love these question and answers. But I think I suck at promo lol. If I could chat with readers all day long I would totally do it. I love to hear what they think of the book they are reading even if it’s not mine. When a reader tells me they’ve had a bad day, I want to reach through the computer and give them a hug. I just truly enjoy chatting and meeting new people. So being a writer and having all the social media available is awesome for someone like me who LOVES  to talk, although I need to learn to stop and get to writing lol.

 Thank you again for being here with us. I hope to see you again at my blog in the future.
No, thank you for having me. I hope you have me again even though I am probably one of your longest winded visitors.  Elle


  1. Talk about a tempting read, Elle! Great review, Marie, and thanks for the lovely interview, both of you! Elle, can't wait to read more--write, woman, write! ;)

  2. I agree Fedora, Elle definitely needs to keep writing. ;)