Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yours Truly Taddy (Undergrad Years 2)

Jetting to Martinique for a modeling assignment with three of Europe’s hottest magazine photographers—Gustave, Fabian, and Leon—should’ve been easy, breezy beautiful. Never did I expect to look up and see a hole in the ceiling of our plane that was bigger in size than my Birkin bag.

Shit! We’re nose-diving toward Eden Island. I pictured how my New York Times obituary might read when I’m gone, “Taddy Brill, Manhattanite, dethroned descendant of the Austrian House of Brillford royalty, dies at age eighteen, penniless, unloved, and a virgin.” I swear this crap only happens to me. Suddenly, Leon pulls me with Fabian and Gustave. Adrenaline racing through me, our bodies clung as one. We prepared to…crash.
OMG! This book was a hilarious, fun, sexy YA romance. I ADORED Yours Truly, Taddy. I giggled, I sighed, I shook my head in wonder.  I really liked Taddy. I thought she was fun, smart, sassy, and just a brilliant character.
We also have some delicious eye candy for her. Gustave, Fabian, and Leon. *Sigh* What truly yummy names! I liked each of these men for different reasons and couldn't picture the book without these sexy photographers.
I felt like everything flowed nicely in Yours, Truly Taddy and I definitely think this was really well thought out and well written.
It was freaking HOT and AWESOME that Fabian and Leon are bisexual. I didn't see that coming and it just made the story that much more...YUMMY.
For these reasons, I give this book an astounding FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its a truly irresistible book and just one of my favorites from Avery Aster. If you haven't picked this up, then your missing out!

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